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ACM SIGGRAPH has 11 standing committees which provide valuable input into various segments of the organization.

Current Committee Chairs

Awards Committee

Technical Awards Chair
Outstanding Service Award Chair
Artist Award Chair

The Awards Committee oversees four annual awards and one biennial award in recognition of exceptional achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques.  

Chapters (Professional and Student) Committee

Chapters Committee Chair

Chapters of ACM SIGGRAPH continue the work of ACM SIGGRAPH on a year-round basis via their meetings, site visits, conferences, video screenings, art shows and special events. Each ACM SIGGRAPH Professional or Student Chapter consists of individuals involved in education, research and development, the arts, industry, and entertainment.

ACM SIGGRAPH chapter members are interested in the advancement of computer graphics and interactive techniques, its related technologies and applications. The Professional and Student Chapters maintain web sites to provide more information about their activities, links to helpful resources, and connections with other members of the computer graphics and Interactive techniques community.  


Communications & Membership Services Committee

Communications Committee Chair

The Communications & Membership Services Committee oversees content development for the ACM SIGGRAPH web site, membership communications, and benefits procurement. The Communications Chair is also in charge of the ACM SIGGRAPH Village at both annual conferences.


Digital Arts Community

Digital Arts Committee Chair

The Digital Arts Committee fosters the evolution of a strong digital arts community within the international organization and promotes a dialogue between visual artists and the larger SIGGRAPH community. It maintains an interactive Arts Portal and an associated social networking site that provides a central place for artists and scientists to share resources, information, artwork, and opportunities for collaboration. 


Education Committee

Education Committee Chair

The Education Committee works to support computer graphics education and the use of computer graphics in education. Computer graphics education encompasses technical, creative, and developmental studies in curricular areas ranging from computer science to digital arts. The Education Committee undertakes a broad range of projects and activities in support of the CG education community, such as curriculum studies, resources for educators, and SIGGRAPH conference-related activities, including the international, juried SpaceTime Student Competition & Exhibition. 


External Relations Committee

External Relations Committee

ACM SIGGRAPH has agreements with a number of organizations and conferences around the world:


Information Services

Information Director

The Information Services Committee (ISC) manages the ACM SIGGRAPH internet infrastructure and works closely with the Communications & Membership Committee to manage content development.  

To request or modify a listserv on siggraph.org, please use this form.

Nominations Committee

Nominations Chair

The Nominations Committee oversees ACM SIGGRAPH committee chair nominations.


Director for Publications   

ACM SIGGRAPH publications provide the world’s leading forums for computer graphics research. Our conference series provides the largest source of citations in computer graphics literature. Publications are available to ACM SIGGRAPH members for substantial discounts. 


Small Conferences and Symposia

Small Conferences Committee Chair

ACM SIGGRAPH helps organize and sponsor focused conferences, workshops, and other symposia around the world on topics related to computer graphics and interactive techniques. These gatherings enable groups with specific interests to get together and exchange information.  

Student Services

Student Services Committee Chair

The Student Services Committee provides continuity and institutional memory for the student volunteer and intern programs at SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia, provides and/or demonstrates the value of SIGGRAPH membership to student members, and coordinates and collaborates with other SIGGRAPH entities (conferences, committees, etc.) on issues that affect student members.

Committee Chair Positions

Committee chair terms are three years, beginning on 1 September. Nominations for open chair positions will accepted by the Nominations Chair until May 1 of the year the term in question ends. Chairs are eligible to run for succeeding terms. There are no term limits for committee chair positions. If a committee chair is unable to complete the three-year term, a replacement will be appointed by a majority vote of the EC to fill out the remaining term.

If you would like to devote some of your time and energy to one of these committees, please review the committee responsibilities and fill out the organization volunteer form. Good volunteers are always welcome.