Co-Locating a Symposium or Conference with SIGGRAPH

How to Co-Locate with SIGGRAPH 2024

Are you interested in co-locating a symposium or conference in Denver, Colorado with SIGGRAPH 2024? Below are the co-location options available to ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences.

Co-Location Plans

  • If approved as an ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conference, no fee will be invoiced by ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Meeting Room Rental and/or Food/Beverage minimums may apply from the assigned venue
  • Co-located events must conclude by noon on 28 July 2024
  • Website Listing, Poster space in SIGGRAPH 2024 Poster Program

*Official SIGGRAPH 2024 sessions begin Sunday, 028 July at approximately 9:00 am



  1. At most official conference hotels, SIGGRAPH 2024 has all meeting space reserved beginning on Saturday, 27 July 2024. SIGGRAPH 2024 will release space under their control to any approved co-location event, for Saturday, 27 July and Sunday, 28 July. The Co-Location Organizers and their ACM contact will need to coordinate all details once space is released, including discussing any applicable fees or minimums that may apply for use of the space.
  2. If meeting space is needed prior to Saturday, 27 July, the co-located group contact will need to work with the ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conference Chair and ACM on negotiations for your preferred location.

Process and Forms Required to Co-Locate with SIGGRAPH

STEP 1: All Options

STEP 2: Options 1 & 2

  • Assuming the PAF and TMRF are approved, the Co-Located conference chair should fill out, no later than 31 March, 2024, the and send it to the ACM SIGGRAPH Project Manager. Once the form is approved, it will be sent to ACM SIGGRAPH Staff to work with the Co-Located conference staff on location and other details.
  • Please note that there is no space available at the SIGGRAPH 2024 Convention Center. Space at official hotels will be on a first come first served basis. For the best opportunities to co-locate, please submit Space Request Form (SRF) as soon as possible.

Service Details

  1. Website Listing

Your co-located event will be listed on the conference website and registration website, with a basic template giving information such as a brief description, date, and location, as well as a link to your own website.

  1. Registration

Online registration is not provided through SIGGRAPH 2024. Registration is provided through CVENT to those specialized conferences that wish to make use of it at a per-participant additional cost, where ACM SIGGRAPH pays for the setup costs. Registration reports can be accessed on a regular basis. CVENT supports early, late and student registration fees. If you need any additional assistance, please refer to the CVENT FAQs or contact your ACM conference liaison. The committee will need volunteers to assist with onsite registration. This entails checking in attendees and providing them with their registration materials (program, name badge, etc.). The volunteer(s) handling the registration desk needs to be provided with a laptop, printer and badge supplies.


Is there a maximum number of attendees?

There is not a maximum set number of attendees. Let us know if your anticipated number of registrants, or if you are interested in setting registration limits.

Is there a minimum number of attendees?

The ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Committee services do not require a minimum number of attendees. Note, however, that the hotel in-house catering services typically have a contractual minimum quantity of food and beverage that you are liable to pay for, even if you have fewer attendees than anticipated.


Can Co-Located Organizations include their posters with SIGGRAPH 2024 Poster Program?

Yes. Co-located events can transfer a maximum of 10 posters to the SIGGRAPH 2024 Posters area. Any co-located groups interested in having their posters displayed at SIGGRAPH 2024 must contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Project Manager by 30 April, 2024, so arrangements can be made.