SIGGRAPH 2004 - The 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques
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New for SIGGRAPH 2004. Poster displays of research in computer graphics and interactive techniques, including newly developing projects, smaller works, incremental or partial results, and late-breaking research.

Poster Viewing
Posters are on display in West Hall A throughout the conference:
Sunday, 8 August - Wednesday, 11 August: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday, 12 August: 8:30 am - noon

Poster Sessions
Poster authors will stand by their posters to talk with attendees and demonstrate their work during these times:
Tuesday, 10 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Wednesday, 11 August, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm


1 Real-Time Bump Map Deformations
Pawel Wrotek, Alexander Rice, Morgan McGuire, Brown University
morgan (at)

2 Approximate Convex Decomposition of Polyhedra
Jyh-Ming Lien, Nancy M. Amato, Texas A&M University
neilien (at)

3 Potential Fields and Implicit Modeling
Roman Tankelevich, Alyn Rockwood, Colorado School of Mines
rtankele (at)

4 Superformula Solutions for 3D Graphic Arts and CAD/CAM
Johan Gielis, Genicap Corporation NV
Bert Beirinckx, Geniaal bvba
jgielis (at)

5 Variational Superformula Curves for 2D and 3D Graphic Arts
Johan Gielis, Edwin Bastiaens, Tom Krikken, Albert Kiefer, Marc De Blochouse, Genicap Corporation NV
jgielis (at)

Social Computing

6 MO*TRAX Virtual Environment for Raves (Electronic Sound Events)
Marisol Rodriguez, Leonardo Morales, Amparo Quijano, Luz Goméz, Universidad de los Andes
sofito024 (at)

7 Evil Twin: Ambient Gaming
Daniel Mikesell, New York University
motocycledog (at)

8 How to Visually Create Clear Personalities With Blogs
Su-E Park, Hyejin Kim, Jinwoo Kim, Yonsei University
spark44 (at)

9 EmoteMail
Jussi Ängeslevä, Sile O'Modhrain, Media Lab Europe
Carson Reynolds, MIT Media Lab jussi (at)

10 I'myth
Diana Domingues, Eliseo Reategui, Gelson Reinaldo, Gustavo Lazzarotto, Mauricio Passos, Universidade de Caxias do Sul ddoming (at)

Art & Design

11 Go Small: Web 3D Video Screening Rooms
Pat Johnson
Michael Masucci. EZTV
Mike Libonati, Mike Rogers, Leticia Sanchez, Alicia Sanchez, Yudit Morales, Mark Garcia, Art Institute of Los Angeles
patjoh1 (at)

MarkDavid Hosale, John Thompson, University of California, Santa Barbara
johnt (at)

13 Embodied Time (-) Changing Our Mind
Julainne Sumich, Bruce MacDonald, Kevin Novins, Simon Chui, HsuHan Chiang, Rachel Shearer, University of Auckland
j.sumich (at)

14 Internet2 Virtual Performance Module
Meredith Lydon, James Orr, Paras Kaul, George Mason University
mlydon (at)

15 Movie-in-Shadow: Your Shadow is a Display
Yugo Minomo, Yasuaki Kakehi, Makoto Iida, Takeshi Naemura, The University of Tokyo
shadow (at)


16 A Comparison Study of Four Texture Synthesis Algorithms on Near-Regular Textures
Wen-Chieh Lin, James Hays, Chenyu Wu, Carnegie Mellon University
Vivek Kwatra, Georgia Institute of Technology
Yanxi Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
wclin (at)

17 Rendering Methods for Models with Complicated Micro Structures
Shun Iwasawa, Naohiro Shichijo, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, The University of Tokyo
qq46104 (at)

18 Worley Cellular Textures in Sh
Bryan Chan, Michael D. McCool, University of Waterloo
b8chan (at)

19 Texture Synthesis Using Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Genetic Evolution
Joseph Zumpella, Andrew Thall, Allegheny College
athall (at)

20 Wang Cubes for Video Synthesis and Geometry Placement
Peter G. Sibley, Philip Montgomery, G. Elisabeta Marai, Brown University
pgs (at)

Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering

21 SilF: A Sketching Tool for Cartoon-Like Pseudo 3D Illustrations Based on 3D Outlines
Kota Yonezawa, Etsuya Shibayama, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shin Takahashi, University of Tsukuba
k0yn (at)

22 Simulating Chinese Brush Painting: The Parametric Hairy Brush
Ross Girshick, Brandeis University
rossgir (at)

23 Algorithmic Painter: A NPR Method to Generate Various Styles of Painting
Atsushi Kasao, Tokyo Polytechnic University
Kazunori Miyata, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
kasao (at)

24 Fluid Simulation as a Tool for Painterly Rendering
Sven C. Olsen, Bruce A. Maxwell, Swarthmore College
sven2718 (at)

25 Cellular Modeling of Dye Stain on Cloth
Yuki Morimoto, Reiji Tsuruno, Kyushu University
reo (at)

26 Real-Time Cartoon Rendering of Smoke
Morgan McGuire, Andi Fein, Colin Hartnett, Brown University
morgan (at)

27 Cartoon Hair Animation Based on Physical Simulation
Eiji Sugisaki, Waseda University, University of Illinois
Yizhou Yu, University of Illinois
Ken Anjyo, OLM Digital Inc.
Shigeo Morishima, Waseda University
eiji2000 (at)

28 Animating Hand-Drawn Sketches
Yutaka Ono, Tomoyuki Nishita, The University of Tokyo
Bing-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University
robin (at)


29 Improved Geo-Visualization Methods
Jerome Royan, Olivier Aubault, Christian Bouville, Patrick Gioia, France Télécom R&D
jerome.royan (at)

30 Hybrid Billboard Clouds for Model Simplification
Ethan Bromberg-Martin, Arni Mar Jonsson, Morgan McGuire, Liz Marai, Brown University
ebromber (at)

31 Volume Rendering on One RLE-Compressed Dataset by a New Combination of Ray Casting and Shear Warp
Gregor Schlosser, Jürgen Hesser, Reinhard Männer, Universität Mannheim
sgregor (at)

32 Efficient Complex Shadows From Environment Maps
Aner Ben-Artzi, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Columbia University
Maneesh Agrawala, Microsoft Research
aner (at)

33 Simulated Spectral Light Transport in Coastal Waters Using Adaptive Photon Mapping
Adam Goodenough, Rochester Institute of Technology
aag7210 (at)

34 Super Resolution Based on Texton Substitution
Takashi Sugaya, Koichi Takase, Toshiya Nakaguchi, Norimichi Tsumura, Yoichi Miyake, Chiba University
Hideto Motomura, Katsuhiro Kanamori, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
sugaya (at)

35 Fast Ray Tracing of Scenes With Unstructured Motion
Pankaj Khanna, Jesper Mortensen, Insu Yu, Mel Slater, University College London
P.Khanna (at)

Augmented & Virtual Reality

36 CLEV-R: A Collaborative Learning Environment With Virtual Reality
Teresa Monahan, Gavin McArdle, Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin
teresa.monahan (at)

37 Time Geographical Design and Analysis of User Interaction in Virtual Environments
Henric Joanson, Peter Blom, Linköpings universitet
hk (at)

38 The Flatland Architecture
Kathleen H. Kihmm, Andrei Sherstyuk, University of Hawaii
Kenneth L. Summers, Timothy Eyring, Thomas Preston Caudell, University of New Mexico
Steven Smith, Paul M. Weber, Los Alamos National Laboratory
kihmm (at)

39 SESAME: A 3D Conceptual Design System
Ji-Young Oh, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, York University
jyoh (at)

40 ShadowLight: An Immersive Environment for Rapid Prototyping and Design
Kalev Leetaru, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
leetaru (at)

41 Haptic Collaboration With Augmented Reality
Matt Adcock, Matthew Hutchins, Chris Gunn, CSIRO ICT Centre
matt.adcock (at)

42 egaku: Enhancing the Sketching Process
Jennifer Yoon, Kimiko Ryokai, Chad Dyner, Jason Alonso, Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Laboratory
jennyoon (at)

43 Authoring Augmented Reality: A Code-Free Approach
Rodney Berry, Naoto Hikawa, Mao Makino, Masami Suzuki, Takashi Furuya, ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
rodney (at)

44 A Scalable PC-Cluster Architecture for Highly Polygonal Augmented Reality Applications
Carsten Matysczok, Michael Grafe, Heinz Nixdorf Institut
Andrew Wojdala, ORAD Hi-Tec Systems Ltd
carsten.matysczok (at)

45 A Study of Virtual-Form Modeling System Using Unexpectation
Tomohiro Akagawa, Ei-Ichi Osawa, Future University - Hakodate
Oh Gi-Dong, Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University
g2104001 (at)

Image-Based Modeling & Rendering

46 Virtual Lighting Using Stereo Images
Shinya Yoshida, Reiji Tsuruno, Kyushu University
shinya (at)

47 Postproduction Re-Illumination of Live Action Using Interleaved Lighting
Andrew Gardner, Chris Tchou, Andreas Wenger, Paul Debevec, Tim Hawkins, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
gardner (at)

48 All-In-Focus Light Field Viewer
Keita Takahashi, Takeshi Naemura, The University of Tokyo
keita (at)

49 Capturing Spherical Light Fields of a Real Scene
Naoki Chiba, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
Terence Huang, Simon Fraser University
mail (at)

50 Direct HDR Capture of the Sun and Sky
Jessi Stumpfel, Andrew Jones, Andreas Wenger, Chris Tchou, Tim Hawkins, Paul Debevec, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
stumpfel (at)

51 View-Dependent Textured Splatting for Rendering Live Scenes
David Guinnip, Shuhua Lai, Ruigang Yang, University of Kentucky
dguinnip (at)

52 Integrated Shape Model From Multiview Range Images
Takeshi Masuda, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
masuda (at)

53 Modeling From Photographs Using Points and Silhouettes
Tim Hawkins, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
timh (at)

54 Clustering and Link Propagation for Surface Reconstruction
Dennis Maier, Jürgen Hesser, Reinhard Männer, Universiät Mannheim
dennis.maier (at)

55 Estimating Roughness Parameters of an Object's Surface from Real Images
Masashi Baba, Masayuki Mukunoki, Naoki Asada, Hiroshima City University
baba (at)

Image Processing

56 Picture Illusion by Overlap
Mizuho Nakajima, Waseda University
Yasushi Yamaguchi, The University of Tokyo
mitzy (at)

57 Using Value Images to Adjust Intensity in 3D Renderings and Photographs
Reynold J. Bailey, Cindy M. Grimm, Washington University in St. Louis
rjb1 (at)

58 Specular Reflection Reduction Using a Multi-Flash Camera
Rogerio Schmidt Feris, Matthew Turk, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ramesh Raskar, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Kar-Han Tan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
rferis (at)

59 Interactive Object Segmentation in Video by Fitting Splines to Graph Cuts
Iddo Drori, Tommer Leyvand, Daniel Cohen-Or, Hezy Yeshurun, Tel Aviv University
idrori (at)

60 Shadow Removal From a Real Image Based on Shadow Density
Masashi Baba, Masayuki Mukunoki, Naoki Asada, Hiroshima City University
baba (at)


101 Air Traffic Management 3D Graphics Reseach & Development
Ron Reisman, Stephen Ellis, NASA Ames Research Center
Ronald.J.Reisman (at)

102 Creating 3D Animations to Reconstruct Transportation Accidents: Illustrating Aviation Accidents Using Air Midwest Flight 5481 Takeoff Accident
Christy Spangler, Alice Park, Abdullah Kakar, National Transportation Safety Board
spanglc (at)

103 Text-to-Scene Conversion for Accident Visualization
Maghnus O'Kane, Joe Carthy, Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin
maghnus.okane (at)

104 Computer-Vision-Based Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
Shahedur Rahman, Abu Syeed Md. Zakaria Shah, Gill Whitney, Middlesex University
a.s.shah (at)

105 Museum Security Enhanced Using Genetic Algorithms and Virtual Reality
Jean-Christophe Laneri, Nicolas Renaux, Sophie Maucorps, ESIEA Engineering School
jclaneri (at)

106 Two Approximate Solutions to the Art Gallery Problem
Sanjay Rana, University College London
s.rana (at)


107 Beyond Productivity: Children as Digital Artists
Jon Pettigrew, Loughborough University
j.s.pettigrew (at)

108 Computer Animation Education: Keeping It Simple
William J. Joel, Abe Echevarria, Western Connecticut State University
joelw (at)

109 Digital Pueblo Project: Creating Mature Animation With Beginning-Level Helpers
Hue Walker Bumgarner-Kirby, Ed Angel, Jin Xiong, University of New Mexico
huebk (at)


110 Enhanced 3D Model Retrieval System Through Characteristic Views Using Orthogonal Visual Hull
Shuen-Huei Guan, Ming-Kei Hsieh, Chia-Chi Yeh, Bing-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University
robin (at)

111 SmartSink: Context-Aware Work Surface
Leonardo Bonanni, Chia-Hsun Lee, Sam Sarcia, Jon Wetzel, MIT Media Laboratory
amerigo (at)

112 iSphere: A Proximity-Based 3D Input Device
Chia-Hsun Lee, Elliott Prechter, Rob Gens, MIT Media Lab
jackylee (at)

113 A Sketching Interface for Terrain Modeling
Nayuko Watanabe, Takeo Igarashi, The University of Tokyo
hiren (at)

114 Sketching Non-Linear Projections
Nisha Sudarsanam, Washington University in St Louis
nsudarsa (at)

115 3D Modeling Method by Drawing Freeform Stroke on Two Coordinate Planes
Chihiro Murakami, Makoto Fujimura, Hiroki Imamura, Hideo Kuroda, Nagasaki University
b600450 (at)

116 Composite Mouse Gestures: Toward an Easier Tool for Behavior Authoring
Edward Yu-Te Shen, Kuei-Yuan Zheng, Bing-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University
robin (at)

117 The Earth Navigation Modeling On Desktop VR
Jin-Hee Kim, Paekche Institute of the Arts
jinheesung (at)

118 Managing Parameter Spaces for Multimedia Composition
Daryl H. Hepting, David Gerhard, Matthew McKague, Paul Schmiedge, University of Regina
hepting (at)

Users & Perception

119 Task-Oriented User Analysis of 3D Animation Applications
Kyung Jae Lee, Purdue University
klee9 (at)

120 Perception of Scale With Distance in 3D Visualization
Lin-Oi Irene Cheng, Pierre Boulanger, University of Alberta
lin (at)

121 Topographic-Based Facial Skin Color Transfer
Lijun Yin, Johnny Loi, Jingrong Jia, Joseph Morrissey, Binghamton University
lijun (at)

122 Visually Directing Participants' Attention in Interactive 3D Environments
Magy Seif el Nasr, Chinmay Rao, Pennsylvania State University
magy (at)

Motion Capture

123 A New Human-Motion-Analysis System Using Biomechanics 3D Models
F.J. Perales, Universitat de les Illes Balears
A. Suescun, El Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas
paco.perales (at)

124 Markerless Laser-Based Tracking for Real-Time 3D Gesture Acquisition
Alvaro Cassinelli, Stephane Perrin, Masatoshi Ishikawa, University of Tokyo
alvaro (at)

Facial Modeling and Animation

125 Face-Expression Synthesis Based on a Facial-Motion Distribution Chart
Tatsuo Yotsukura, Satoshi Nakamura, ATR Spoken Language Translation Research Laboratories
Shigeo Morishim, Waseda University, ATR Spoken Language Translation Research Laboratories
tatsuo.yotsukura (at)

126 Face Modeling From Frontal Face Image Based on Topographic Analysis
Lijun Yin, Kenny Weiss, Xiaozhou Wei, Binghamton University
lijun (at)

127 Face Animation by Real-Time Feature Tracking
Xiaozhou Wei, Lijun Yin, Binghamton University
Zhiwei Zhu, Qiang Ji, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
xwei (at)


128 A Fast Fracture Method for Exploding Structures
Gabriel Taubman, Edwin Chang, Brown University
gtaubman (at)

129 Collision Approximation for Real-Time Cloth Simulation
Kristen Neal, University of Virginia & Mythic Entertainment
kgn4b (at)

130 Animating Combustion of Deformable Materials
Sameer Moidu, James Kuffner, Kiran Srinivas Bhat, Carnegie Mellon University
smoidu (at)

GPU Techniques

131 GPU-Based Lighting and Shadowing of Complex Natural Scenes
Florent Cohen, Philippe Decaudin, Fabrice Neyret, GRAVIR/IMAG-INRIA
florent.cohen (at)

132 Stylized Haloed Outlines on the GPU
Jörn Loviscach, Hochschule Bremen
jlovisca (at)

133 A Portable, Reusable Framework for Scientific Computing on GPUs
Bryson R. Payne, G. Scott Owen, Irene Weber, Ying Zhu, Ping Liu, Georgia State University
bryson.payne (at)

134 Particle Filter on GPUs for Real-Time Tracking
Antonio S. Montemayor, Juan José Pantrigo, Ángel Sánchez, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Felipe Fernández, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
a.sanz (at)

135 Parallel Computing with Multiple GPUs on a Single Machine to Achieve Performance Gains
Robert Gulde, Michael Weeks, G. Scott Owen, Yi Pan, Georgia State University
RobertGulde (at)

Hardware Devices & Systems

137 A 3D Computer Game Controller: Design and Applications
Ali Pezeshk, Mehdi Imaninejad, Michigan Technological University
alpezesh (at)

138 Real-Time 3D Video
Luiz Velho, Marcelo Bernardes Vieira, Asla Sa, Paulo Cezar Carvalho, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada
lvelho (at)

139 Mixed-Resolution Graphics Technology
Makoto Ono, IBM Corporation
Paul Puey, Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA Corporation
onom (at)

140 A Powerful Tiled Display System With Only One PC
Chee-Kien Wong, Nanyang Technological University
cheekien (at)

141 Temperature-Aware GPU Design
Jeremy W. Sheaffer, Kevin Skadron, David Luebke, University of Virginia
luebke (at)


142 Mexico and Its Indigenous Languages
Natalia Aguilar
kartagraphix (at)

143 CFD and Realistic Visualization for the Analysis of Fire Scenarios
Daniel Barrero, Jean-Philippe Hardy, Marcelo Reggio, Benoit Ozell, École Polytechnique de Montréal
daniel.barrero (at)

144 Streamline Splatting
Erich Ess, David Sapirstein, Yinlong Sun, Mat Huber, Purdue University
sun (at)

145 Simulation and Visualization of Flow Around Bat Wings During Flight
R. Weinstein, Stanford University
E. Hueso, I. Pivkin, S. Swartz, D. H. Laidlaw, G. Karniadakis, K. Breuer, Brown University
rlw (at)

146 Picturing Data With Uncertainty
David Kao, Jennifer Dungan, NASA Ames Research Center
Alison Love, Alex Pang, University of California, Santa Cruz
davidkao (at)

147 Mapping Chaos
David Trowbridge, Micah Dowty, University of Colorado
trowbrds (at)

148 Nano-Positioning Machines Need a Fast Visualization and a Modern Control
Marion Braunschweig, Mathias Weiss, Technische Universität Ilmenau
mathias.weiss (at)

Biomedical Visualization

149 MIBlob: A Tool for Medical Visualization and Modeling Using Sketches
Bruno Rodrigues De Araujo, Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Mario Costa Sousa, Faramarz Samavati, Brian Wyvill, University of Calgary
brar (at)

150 fMRI Visualization of Multiple Functional Areas
Jan Hardenbergh, TeraRecon, Inc.
jch (at)

151 A Multi-Dimensional Visualization Tool for Understanding the Role of EMG Signals in Head-Movement Anticipation
Erion Hasanbelliu, Jacksonville State University
ehasanbelliu (at)

152 Visualizing Deep Brain Stimulation Settings in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
David Eigen, Daniel Grollman, David Laidlaw, Brown University
Benjamin Greenberg, Erin Einbinder, Butler Hospital
deigen (at)

153 Visualization of Blood Platelets in a Virtual Environment
Igor Pivkin, Nicholas Yang, Peter Richardson, George Karniadakis, David Laidlaw, Brown University
piv (at)

154 X3D-Technologies for Medical-Image Visualization
Kay Melzer, Hans Gerd Lipinski, Fachhochschule Dortmund
Dietrich H.W. Grönemeyer, Grönemeyer Institute of MicroTherapy
kaymelzer (at)

Biomedical Applications

155 Computer-Assisted Surgical Planning for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Myoung-Hee Kim, Min-Jeong Kim, Yoo-Joo Choi, Yu-Bu Lee, Ewha Womans University
Soo-Mi Choi, Sejong University
kimmj (at)

156 The Vasculature of the Heart: An Interactive Guided Tour
Thomas Wischgoll, Elke Moritz, Joerg Meyer, University of California, Irvine
wischgoll (at)

157 Computing the Virtual Human
Shane Blackett, David Bullivant, Peter Hunter, The University of Auckland
s.blackett (at)

158 Mocap+MRI=?
Shoichiro Iwasawa, ATR
Kenji Mase, Nagoya University/ATR
Shigeo Morishima, Waseda University/ATR
shoichiro.iwasawa (at)

159 A 3D Graphics Environment for Behavioral Neurobiology Research
David Cofer, Ying Zhu, Donald H. Edwards, Anthony Aquilio, Gennady Cymbalyuk, G. Scott Owen, Georgia State University
yzhu (at)

Posters From APGV
Posters from the First Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization, co-located with SIGGRAPH 2004.
Locations 201-224

Posters from GP2
Posters from GP2: Workshop on General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processors, co-located with SIGGRAPH 2004.
Locations 225-272

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