E M E R G I N G  T E C H N O L O G I E S

A point of departure into the technology of the new millennium. Visionary, creative and provocative installations and experiences that illuminate the path to a new era in technology. The future in human-computer interfaces, display technologies, workgroup computing, multi-user applications, smart environments, information visualization, and robotics. Here are a few examples of Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2000:

Augmented Groove: Collaborative Jamming in Augmented Reality
Ivan Poupyrev

CYPHER: Cyber Photographer in Wonder Space
Shoji Tanaka
Danger Hamster 2000
Kim Binsted
Gait Master
Hiroo Iwata
William L. Chapin
Jamodrum Interactive Music System
Tina Blain
Judith Donath
Magic Book: Exploring Transitions in Collaborative AR Interfaces
Susan Campbell
Medieval Chamber
Richard Marks
Tom Malzbender
Musical Trinkets: New Pieces to Play
Joseph Paradiso
In the MUU: Artificial Creatures as an Embodied Interface
Michio Okada

Networked Theater: A Movie Production System Based on a Networked Environment
Kazuhiko Takahashi
Plasm: In the Breeze
Peter Broadwell
RV-Border Guards: A Multi-player Entertainment in Mixed Reality Space
Toshikazu ohshima
You Were There
Dino Schweitzer