A Conversation With… is a series of chats focused on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, within a small group of people. These conversations are intended to be casual, intriguing and interactive thus enabling attendees to be part of the conversation. The sessions are intentionally limited to be around 8-10 people to make the conversations more personal. Every month we have different focus areas. The session will be a relaxed format, no slides, no prep needed, just a focussed chat. The session usually runs between 45-60 mins based on attendee engagement. So, would you like to join the conversation ?

DURATION : 45-60 mins per session
ATTENDEES : 8-10 per session
TOPIC : Digital Humans

Event registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. If spaces are still available, you will receive a confirmation invite to the event. Zoom link information will be sent out 2 days before the event

P.S : These sessions will not be recorded in any form.

There will be three sessions on June 25.

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3