Hi WallBreakers community,

We have two conversations with technologists and industry leaders coming up for you this week.

On Wednesday, April 1st at 6pm Mountain Time, which is 5pm Pacific, and 8pm Eastern, join guest speakers Laura Romero and Nowai Matthew for office hours.

On Thursday, April 2nd at 3pm Mountain Time, which is 2pm Pacific, and 5pm Eastern, join Andrea Guendelman and guest speaker Jumoke Dada for an AMA.

Link to participate for both conversations: https://zoom.us/j/458668314

Wednesday, April 1st AMA

Laura and Nowai will be available for conversation, questions, and discussion on April 1st at 6pm Mountain Time, which is 5pm Pacific, and 8pm Eastern. Link to participate: https://zoom.us/j/458668314

 Nowai Matthew is a Purdue University graduate who majored in computer graphics technology, minored in electronic time-based art and earned a concentration in web development. Her education also included studies in computer graphics at the University of Darmstadt in Germany. Nowai’s areas of expertise include software development, e-commerce, and technical leadership. She is the former Director of Women Who Code for the Denver/Boulder area. In that role, she organized JavaScript study groups and worked to reach out to women and encourage them to learn coding languages. Nowai is currently an Engineering Manager at Bonusly.

Laura Romero is a recent Northeastern university graduate currently working as a Software Engineer at Affirm. Laura earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and cognitive psychology and was involved with both the Latin American Student Organization and NU Women in Technology during her academic career. She has also volunteered in the poverty alleviation and volunteer coordination spaces and worked on research in the areas of software engineering, HCI, UI/UX, and linguistics.             

Thursday, April 2nd AMA

Andrea Guendelman and guest speaker Jumoke Dada will be providing advice regarding entrepreneurship and answering questions on April 2nd at 3pm Mountain Time, which is 2pm Pacific, and 5pm Eastern.

Link to participate: https://zoom.us/j/458668314

Jumoke Dada is a visionary and techie who is passionate about educating and empowering women in tech. With over 15 years of experience working in corporate I.T., as the owner of Signature RED she provides technology consulting services to companies and creates tools for women in tech. Two of her creations include the Tech Women Network – an online platform for women with technical skills – and the HUE Tech Summit for women of color. She is also an international public speaker and tech contributor for ForbesWomen. To learn more visit dadaverse.org or follow her @jumokedada on Twitter.

Andrea Guendelman is a tech entrepreneur, advocate for equality, and thought leader on Latinx career building with a long track record of supporting and creating pathways for individuals underrepresented in technology. Andrea has worked to help to change the status quo with her consultancy for elite universities and her involvement in BeVisible, a community and social media career platform for Latinx individuals. Her latest effort in the diversity advocacy space is with WallBreakers, a training and employment development program for those who are underrepresented in tech.            

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