1. You can reserve virtual reality experiences ahead of time.

Jump to the front of the line by reserving time slots in advance for the mind-blowing virtual and augmented reality experiences at SIGGRAPH 2015. Anticipated to be one of the most popular features of this year's conference, the VR Village offers stand-up and sit-down VR, tabletop AR, nomadic VR (untethered head-mounted displays or AR), full-dome cinema and live performances and demos in a 360-degree immersion dome.

Visit the VR Village page of the SIGGRAPH 2015 site to reserve time slots. If you prefer a more fluid schedule at the conference, experiences will still be open to walk-ins from a queue.

2. Like TED talks? You'll love SIGGRAPH Next.

SIGGRAPH Next is a brand new speaker series at SIGGRAPH that's only accessible by attendees with full conference or full conference platinum registration. It features renowned, forward-thinking speakers who live on the cutting edge of computer graphics innovation. For those interested in more than just staying current, SIGGRAPH Next is not to be missed.

3. If you couldn't make it to UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology), you have a second chance.

SIGGRAPH 2015 is offering a UIST reprise from 3:45 to 5:15 pm in Room 402 AB, featuring an overview of five fascinating, impactful talks from the conference.

4. The SIGGRAPH mobile app is revamped for this year.

Attendees can create their own conference schedule, find out which of their friends and colleagues are attending, post photos, access a live feed of photos and posts from other attendees, participate in SIGGRAPH games and more. Download the app now to check it out.

5. Your badge gets you discounts.

Show your attendee badge at a number of restaurants, bars and other establishments near the Los Angeles Convention Center for SIGGRAPH-only discounts. The full list of participating venues is here.

6. Paulo is back!

Paulo Machado is back with us for SIGGRAPH 2015. If you happen to see him driving his Double robot around the conference, stop and say hello!!