What goes unseen, unfelt, unheard? The Digital Arts Community of ACM SIGGRAPH presents Science of the Unseen: Digital Art Perspectives, an on-line exhibition curated by Phil Gough (Australia) and Lindsay Zackeroff (USA). Comprised of both moving and still imagery, the works in this captivating exhibition integrate science and art to amplify what may go unperceived in usual visual, social, and political registers.

Art works in this exhibition challenge conceptions of interactivity, participation, and collaboration via both the media they use and how they approach the topic of research. The scientists, artists, and researchers extend the scope of their work outside of lab, studio, or library out into broader communities. By doing so, they created opportunities for viewers to experience their artwork, and together, the artist and viewer critically explore how art and science impact society.

The innovative use of digital media by a diverse group of 34 works includes gameplay simulation, software engineering, performance, and video art, all focused on immersing the viewer in a sensory exploration of the limits of inside and outside. Because several of the works in the exhibition are by collaborative teams, over 50 artists and researchers are represented in the exhibition, including contributors and reviewers from Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, the UK, Austria, France, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Senegal, and the USA.

Explore the exhibition at: http://science-unseen.siggraph.org