Call for Nominations: 2018 SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art.

The deadline of 15 December 2016 is fast approaching. Time to submit your nominations for the award through the ACM SIGGRAPH website! Do not assume that someone else is nominating your choice for the award – so take some action now!

Visit the URL listed below and click on Artist Award Chair. Please include as much information about your nominee as possible, including web links.

Nominations not submitted through the SIGGRAPH website will not be considered.


The Distinguished Artist Award is awarded annually to an artist who has created a substantial and important body of work that significantly advances the aesthetic content in the field of digital art.

N.B not all these qualities are required


Nominations are due by 15 December 2017 and should include:

  • Name(s) of the individual(s) being nominated (address and/or phone number and/or email address are also appreciated).
  • References to websites with the artist's works and texts where applicable (multiple references are welcome).
  • Nominator's name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

A statement by the nominator describing the significance of the artist's contributions according to the following criteria (not all criteria are mandatory):

  1. The Artist has been contributing internationally to the digital arts for more than Twenty (20) years.
  2. The Artist has produced important work(s) that is (are) referenced in digital art history/theory papers/books.
  3. The Artist has established an unexplored area in the field of digital art/media art.
  4.  The Artist has been advancing the use of digital technologies in creative expression.
  5. The Artist has contributed to the history and/or theory and/or practice of digital art through writing and presentations at conferences and symposia.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Sue Gollifer

Chair, Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art

University of Brighton, UK
School of Media
Executive Director, ISEA International HQ