Legendary visual effects artist John Dykstra is soon to receive a formal acknowledgement of his contribution to the VFX industry. On February 12, 2014, the Visual Effects Society Board of Directors will present him with the prestigious VES Lifetime Achievement Award.

A hero to many budding visual effects artists, Dykstra has received numerous awards for his work over his 40-plus year career. Dykstra's visual effects artistry and technical supervision can be seen in many of America's most celebrated films, including “Star Wars,”  “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and "Spiderman."

From the Visual Effects Society press release:

"The VES will honor Dykstra for his vision and dedication to the craft of visual effects and storytelling while leading the forefront of groundbreaking visual effects and technology. He was hugely successful in cultivating talent as one of the creators of Industrial Light and Magic and in assembling key “Star Wars” crewmembers, which developed benchmark motion control and blue screen technologies under his guidance – which he continued at Apogee after leaving ILM. The broad impact of his work can be seen in his vast contributions to feature films, commercials, theme park entertainment and video games."

“John is an amazing creative force – talented, generous and visionary,” said Jeffrey A. Okun, VES Board Chair.  “He has the extraordinary ability to create or combine seemingly disparate technologies to brilliantly enhance the art of storytelling and this talent has brought us some of the most memorable tales of all time.  His leadership and pioneering work has truly raised the bar and helped redefine entertainment and our industry on a global level.”

Dykstra, upon hearing of the award, expressed pleasure and gratitude. “I am greatly honored to join the prestigious company of artists and visionaries who have received this award from the VES,” he said. “ “I love my job, and it is particularly gratifying to be recognized by my peers for contributing to the artistry and invention that is visual effects.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding body of work that has significantly contributed to the art and/or science of the visual effects industry. Previous winners of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award have included James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Ray Harryhausen, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis and Frank Marshall & Kathleen Kennedy.