ACM SIGGRAPH is in search of candidates for three open director-at-large positions on the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, with terms beginning July 1, 2016. The positions are volunteer, with term lengths of three years.

As part of a nine-person committee charged with steering the organization on its mission to foster and celebrate innovation in computer graphics and interactive techniques, directors-at-large hold crucial leadership positions within the organization. Like all voting members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, directors-at-large are elected by the ACM SIGGRAPH membership.

Specific duties include:

  • Attendance at ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings
  • Voting on important decisions affecting ACM SIGGRAPH operations and membership
  • Participate in committee oversight of the ACM SIGGRAPH newsletter, the ACM SIGGRAPH website and uses of the ACM SIGGRAPH email lists

Types of decisions facing the EC:

  • Benefits ACM SIGGRAPH members will receive
  • Level of the fees for ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Policies for the conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and in-cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Which awards are given by ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Determining the winners of ACM SIGGRAPH awards
  • What programs and projects that ACM SIGGRAPH participates in or underwrites
  • Communication with the ACM SIGGRAPH membership

General expectations for ACM SIGGRAPH EC members:

  • Promoting technical excellence, through taking an active role in the technical community as individuals
  • Providing high-quality technical resources and programs (conferences, newsletters, etc.) within the scope of ACM SIGGRAPH's mission statement
  • Promoting communication and interaction between ACM SIGGRAPH and others in the technical community, both within ACM (chapters, other SIGs) and outside
  • Providing benefits to ACM SIGGRAPH members
  • Overseeing conferences, symposia and workshops, both for technical quality and fiscal soundness
  • Identifying additional benefits for members within the scope and financial resources of ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Promoting and publicizing ACM SIGGRAPH achievements within the membership

The ACM SIGGRAPH Nominations Committee will be interviewing potential candidates at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, which takes place from August 9 to 14. To express interest in running for ACM SIGGRAPH Director-at-Large, and to schedule an interview at the conference, please contact Nominations Committee Chair G. Scott Owen at

Election Timeline

  • July : Call for nominations posted
  • August: Nominations Committee conducts interviews at the annual SIGGRAPH conference
  • October: Slate of candidates presented
  • March: Candidate statements posted
  • April: Ballot posted
  • June: Election results announced
  • July: New EC members take office