The new Professional Development Chair will organize a committee that plans and develops content that assists our members with necessary job skills such as speaking, writing, interviewing (both as the interviewer and as the job candidate), managing, and leading people. The Chair will work closely with the Early Career, Research Career, and Practitioner Career Committees to identify needed content. 

The SIGGRAPH Executive Committee has set as one of its primary goals the support of our members throughout their careers through mentoring, lifelong learning, and professional development both in the research and practitioner areas. Since these tasks are interconnected, the different committees should work together and with the conferences to achieve their goals. For example, the Practitioner Career Development Committee should work with the Professional Development Committee to ensure that materials appropriate for practitioners are developed.

The Chair must put in a budget request to the EC every January and submit an annual report in June. The Chair can expect to spend 5-10 hours/week on the chair activities. 

For those interested in applying for this position please, contact Rebecca Strzelec. Provide a CV and vision statement (why you’re interested in being chair and what you hope to accomplish in that role). The Nominations Committee will review all the candidates and make recommendations to the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. All applications received by March 1 will receive full consideration.

We hope to fill the position by June 1 to allow for an early ramp-up. The position will begin September 1 and run for a three year term with the possibility of renewal for an additional three years.