The Membership Committee is a new committee established to better serve the needs of our membership and our volunteers. It coordinates all ACM SIGGRAPH activities designed to benefit our members and explores new ways to enhance the value of membership. The Membership Committee will include representatives from the other Standing Committees and facilitate communication between the membership and the different parts of ACM SIGGRAPH. It should investigate, identify, and recommend to the EC better ways to recruit, retain, and support members and volunteers and to ensure responsiveness, inclusiveness, and diversity. It shall work with the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee to define member benefits and membership rates. It is in charge of the SIGGRAPH Village, both at the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Conferences and year-round.

The Membership Committee Chair will recruit and lead a committee to accomplish the above goals. The Chair should contact the other Standing Committee Chairs and ask them to designate representatives to serve on the Membership Committee.

Some of the issues the committee should address include the following:

  • Explores and proposes new Membership benefits.
  • Works with the Communications Committee to engage with our membership.
  • Develops and distributes a Membership Welcome Packet that includes a clearly designed, accessible, and useful guide that explains the activities of ACM SIGGRAPH including roles and responsibilities of each leadership role and committee. 
  • Provides a point of contact for membership and member questions. 
  • Provides a point of contact for questions related to volunteering and contributing to ACM SIGGRAPH.

Here are the current ACM SIGGRAPH Member benefits:


The Chair must submit a budget request to the Executive Committee every January and submit an annual report in June. The Chair can expect to spend 5 or more hours/week on the chair activities. 

For those interested in applying for this position, please contact Rebecca Strzelec, Chair of the Nominations Committee. Provide a CV and vision statement (why you’re interested in being chair and what you hope to accomplish in this volunteer role). The Nominations Committee will review all the candidates, conduct interviews, and make recommendations to the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee in order to identify the next Chair.

The deadline for applying is February 1, 2021 but applications will be accepted until the position is filled and the term will begin as soon as possible. The term is three years, renewable in September.