The Computer Animation Festival Advisory Board (CAFAB) was established to provide a long term vision to the Computer Animation Festival at the annual SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Conferences whilst promoting the SIGGRAPH Organization and Conferences through the international Traveling Show. For more information of the CAFAB, see the following:

Expectations of the CAFAB Chair 

  • A thorough understanding of the CAF Programs, structure and process.
  • An understanding of the needs, goals and decision impacts around the CAF Programs.
  • An understanding of the structure and processes of the SIGGRAPH organization and Executive Committee.
  • An understanding of the structure and processes of the Conference Advisory Groups, Standing Committees and support teams around the annual conferences.
  • A commitment to the full term of the engagement.

The Chair is responsible for the following:

  • Board Membership
    • Ensure newly elected CAF Chairs are informed about and welcomed to the CAFAB.
    • Manage election of external members for two external seats.
    • Ensure the CAGs are aware of their Board Observer seats for communication.
  • Board Purpose
    • Maintain focus and direction based on Mission, Vision, Purpose & Goals.
    • Translate strategic Executive Committee objectives into opportunities for the CAF.
  • CAF Initiatives
    • Onboard volunteers.
    • Establish, drive, delegate and deliver on strategic initiatives, as prioritized by the Board.
    • Coordinate with other SIGGRAPH groups to push initiatives forward.
    • Create new policy for initiatives where applicable.
  • CAF Policies
    • Work with CAF Chairs and CAGs to maintain program adherence to the CAF Policies in place.
    • Help determine and propose new policies where and when they will benefit the CAF over the mid-long term.
    • Oversee three-year trials process with pre-defined success criteria and associated decision.
    • Document potential policy changes and coordinate board votes/ decisions.
    • Record policy changes and seek approval from partners where/ when relevant (EC, CAGs, other Boards and Committees).
  • Communication
    • Maintain an inclusive, supportive and open board.
    • Drive cross conference CAF communication for best practices, year-on-year learnings and mentorship, and consistency between processes and events.
    • Update EC on progress, requests and changes at regular strategy meetings.
  • Administration
    • Schedule upcoming CAFAB Board meetings and calls.
    • Arrange necessary resources at the Conference for in-person meetings.
    • Arrange ad-hoc calls where necessary/ requested.
    • Create and drive meeting agendas.
    • Maintain the CAFAB listserv.
    • Maintain the Google Drive space, documents and file-sharing.
    • Maintain the working docs listing current board, contact lists etc.

The Chair must submit any budget request to the Executive Committee every January and submit an annual report in June. The Chair can expect to spend an average of 3-5 hours/week on the chair activities. 

For those interested in applying for this position, please contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Project Manager ( Provide a CV and vision statement (why you’re interested in being chair and what you hope to accomplish in this volunteer role). The CAFAB Board will review all the candidates, conduct interviews if necessary, and make recommendations to the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee in order to identify the next Chair.

The deadline for applying is July 28, 2021 but applications will be accepted until the position is filled and the term will begin on September 1, 2021. The term is three years, renewable once with approval from the EC. The Chair is expected to remain on the CAFAB for one year after their term to support the new Chair.

Approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee June 28, 2021.