SIGGRAPH’s mission is to nurture, champion, and connect researchers and practitioners of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Members of the EC are primarily responsible for oversight and strategic planning for ACM SIGGRAPH. EC members also serve as liaisons to the ACM SIGGRAPH Standing Committees, lead strategy teams, and serve as representatives to the conference advisory groups for the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences. They attend 2 physical meetings per year, including the annual SIGGRAPH Conference as well as regularly scheduled (on average two to three per week) teleconference meetings for the Executive Committee and various sub-committees. The average workload is around 6-10 hours per week. 

An ACM SIGGRAPH Director is a voting member of the Executive Committee who helps make decisions on behalf of ACM SIGGRAPH. All ACM SIGGRAPH Directors must be members of both ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Expectations for all ACM SIGGRAPH EC members:

  • Set the strategic direction for the organization to best support the community of researchers, practitioners, and artists working in computer and graphics and interactive techniques
  • Promote technical and creative excellence, through taking an active role in the community as individuals
  • Adhere to the cultural expectations of the organization
  • Supervise the operational activities of the organization which include:
    • Provide benefits for ACM SIGGRAPH members within the scope and financial resources of the organization
    • Provide high-quality resources and programs (conferences, newsletters, etc.) within the scope of ACM SIGGRAPH’s mission statement
    • Promote communication and interaction both within ACM SIGGRAPH and between ACM SIGGRAPH and the broader community
    • Oversee conferences, symposia and workshops, both for quality and fiscal soundness
    • Promote and publicize ACM SIGGRAPH achievements

Specific duties of Directors include:

  • Take on two of the following jobs:
    • Lead or actively participate in one of the teams which are collectively responsible for the strategic work of the Executive Committee
    • Act as a liaison to a group of 3-6 of the ACM SIGGRAPH Standing Committees
    • Act as a liaison to one of the conference advisory groups (SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia)
  • Lead or actively participate in two calls/month for each of the groups selected from the above list
  • Vote on important decisions affecting ACM SIGGRAPH strategy and operations
  • Attend ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings (both 2 in-person meetings per year and two hour-long calls/month)
  • Some directors will also serve as Chair and Treasurer for one year during their term (see below for details).

More information about the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee can be found in Section 2 and about the Standing Committees and Strategy Groups in Section 6 of the ACM SIGGRAPH Policy Guidelines.

There are nine elected Directors and the Officers will be selected from the Directors by the Executive Committee, with duties shown below.  This means that new Directors may be asked to serve as one of the Officers.

Duties of the Officers: from the ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws:

Article 5. Duties of the Officers

The EC shall select, from among its directors, a Chair, Chair-elect, Treasurer, and Treasurer-elect who will fulfill the duties outlined below.

5.1 Chair. The duties of the Chair are:

  • Leading and managing ACM SIGGRAPH;
  • calling and presiding at EC meetings; and
  • conducting ACM SIGGRAPH’s activities in accordance with the policies of the ACM;

5.2 Chair-elect. The duties of the Chair-elect are:

  • Assisting the Chair in leading and managing ACM SIGGRAPH; and
  • residing at meetings when the Chair is absent.

5.3 Treasurer. The duties of the Treasurer are:

  • Managing ACM SIGGRAPH’s finances according to the Financial Accountability Policy of the ACM.
  •  Reporting ACM SIGGRAPH’s finances to members at least once a year in ACM SIGGRAPH’s regular publications.

5.4 Treasurer-elect. The duties of the Treasurer-elect are:

  • To shadow and assist the Treasurer in managing ACM SIGGRAPH’s finances.

Those interested in applying for any of these positions please contact Thierry Frey.