The SIGGRAPH Research Career Development Committee is excited to launch a mentoring program for junior scientists (PhD/postdoc/faculty) in computer graphics. Our goal is to connect researchers with mentors who can provide guidance at key junctures in career development and help them advance their careers as budding researchers.

We aim to provide graphics researchers with advice in the following areas:

  • Publishing research
  • Securing research funding/fellowships/internships
  • Finding and advising students
  • Managing deadlines
  • Managing collaborations
  • Graphics community service
  • Balancing research, teaching, and service
  • Securing jobs
  • Tenure-track, postdoc, and visiting positions
  • Interviewing skills

Sign up as a mentee and mentor at our website. Join the Discord server for peer mentoring.

The RCDC@SIGGRAPH Junior Scientist Mentoring Organizing Committee: