Computers in Entertainment (CiE), ACM's online-only magazine for technology applications in the entertainment industry, is about to undergo a transformation. ACM is in discussions with CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) Press to join editorial resources and make CiE the go-to hub for this thriving field—everything from practical applications, business strategies, scholarly research, and interviews with some of the industry's leading lights.

Newton Lee has served as the Editor-in-Chief of CiE since its debut in 2003. Newton's notion of weaving a website for practical and fun entertainment information with theoretical, scholarly, peer-reviewed research papers served as an online-only journal has opened up new avenues for ACM to explore. With Newton's blessing, we are now looking to take what he has built and reimagine it for an even greater audience making greater use of social, video, blog and podcast media platforms.

The ACM Publications Board is seeking nominations for Editor-in-Chief of Computers in Entertainment. We anticipate the site will be sectioned into topics such as Games; Art + Music; TV + Movies; Society + Education; as well as the journal component.

While we expect volunteer editors to be responsible for all these key sections, it will require an Editor-in-Chief with the vision and the industry expertise (and reach) to oversee the entire magazine and help find ways to best weave all the components together into one cohesive unit. This volunteer position would require a three-year commitment, with an option to serve one more three-year term.

We have always felt that SIGGRAPH was a natural fit for CiE. If you have any suggestions for a new EiC, please send them to Diane Crawford, ACM Deputy Director/Magazine Development.