Early Career Development (S3)

The Student Services Committee provides continuity and institutional memory for the student volunteer and intern programs at SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia to demonstrate the value of SIGGRAPH membership to student members. Read more

External Relations

The External Relations Committee establishes and oversees ACM SIGGRAPH’s agreements with numerous organizations and conferences around the world. This committee identifies and establishes relationships with new organizations according to the current strategic plan.

Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning Committee develops online educational materials such as webinars, online courses (SIGGRAPH University), ACM Books and state of the art reports to support practitioners and other members wanting to expand their skills by learning about new areas. Read more

Research Career Development

The Research Career Development Committee plans, develops, and facilitates activities that support the career development of members with research careers in academia and industry. Read more

Specialized Conferences

ACM SIGGRAPH helps organize and sponsor focused conferences, workshops, and other symposia around the world on topics related to computer graphics and interactive techniques. These gatherings enable groups with specific interests to get together and exchange information. Read more

The Chair of a Standing Committee is responsible for the following:

  1.  Recruiting, organizing and meeting with the Committee members
  2. Acting as a liaison between their Committee and the Executive Committee (EC) to advise the EC and to ensure that the Committee’s activities are aligned with the strategic priorities of the EC.
  • The Chair must submit a budget request to the Executive Committee every January.
  • The Chair must submit an annual report to the Executive Committee every June.
  • The Chair can expect to spend an average of 5 or more hours/week on the chair activities.

For those interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact the Nominations Chair, Thierry Frey. Only applicants who are ACM SIGGRAPH members in good standing as of the application deadline will be considered. Provide a CV and vision statement stating why you’re interested in being chair and what you hope to accomplish in this volunteer role. The Nominations Committee will review all the candidates, conduct interviews if necessary, and make recommendations to the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee in order to approve the next chairs, according to the following schedule :

April 1 – April 30 – Call for nominations open 
May 1 – 15 – Review by the Nominations Committee
May 15 – Recommendation to the EC
June 1 – New chairs announced
Sept 1 – Term begins for 3 years