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Instructions for Authors

SIGGRAPH Content Formatting


Authors of content submitted to events sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH should use the resources found on this page to prepare their content. Templates, specifications, examples, and information about permissions and third-party material can be found here.


These templates should be used for submissions to SIGGRAPH-sponsored events, including the following programs and content categories:

  • one to two page abstracts (Posters, Talks, Emerging Technologies, etc.)
  • short papers
  • technical briefs
  • full-length technical papers

Formatting specifications can be found in this PDF document. Art Papers submitted to our annual conference have their own formatting requirements; see the annual conference's web site for more information. Course Notes are formatted at the submitter's discretion - no particular format is required - though we provide several examples (see below).

LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates are available. LaTeX is preferred.

If you are using some other application to prepare your content, please read the formatting guidelines and view the well-formatted example for textual and visual description of the formatting requirements.

Sample Files

For visual reference, a number of sample files are available.

Rights Management, Permissions, and Third-Party Material

If your content is accepted for presentation and publication, you'll be asked to complete the ACM rights management form. Learn more about ACM's rights management policy at author.acm.org.

Using someone else's material in your content? Make sure you have permission to use it, and clearly identify it in your content and on your rights management form. ACM's policy on third-party material can be found at www.acm.org/publications/third-party-material.

The process of acquiring permissions to use material, even from your own employer, may be time-consuming. Please work on this part of your submission early in the process; don't wait until your content has been accepted.

Odds and Ends

  • Curious about capitalization? This article may help.
  • This article explains how to cite SIGGRAPH articles.
  • Looking for CC-licensed images? Try search.creativecommons.org. Please do remember that "NC"-licensed images require specific permission from the copyright holder.


If you have any questions about content formatting for SIGGRAPH events, or suggestions on how to improve these instructions, please contact Stephen Spencer at spencer@siggraph.org.