Justin Solomon SIGGRAPH Member Profile

Member Profile: Justin Solomon

What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

I am an associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, where I have been since 2016. I run the Geometric Data Processing group in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Where did you complete your formal education?

I received my undergraduate (Math and Computer Science), Master’s (Computer Science), and PhD (Computer Science) degrees all at Stanford University.

How did you first get involved with ACM SIGGRAPH?

The summer before I started college, I got a free ticket to SIGGRAPH while completing an internship in Boston; this was the first time I attended a SIGGRAPH conference. Since then, SIGGRAPH has been a significant part of my career, both as a place where I publish my research as well as a community of colleagues with similar interests.

Describe a project that you would like to share with the ACM SIGGRAPH community.

We are currently launching the SIGGRAPH Research Career Development Committee (RC⚡DC), which aims to develop means of supporting members of the graphics research community at all stages of their careers. Our committee is launching many new efforts to create year-round engagement in graphics research and to recruit a diverse community of young academics.