Local and regional chapters throughout the world help the ACM SIGGRAPH community promote excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Our professional and student chapters organize meetings, site visits, conferences, screenings, art shows, and special events year-round.

Professional Chapters

Continuing the work of ACM SIGGRAPH on a year-round basis within their local areas, professional chapters consist of industry professionals involved in education, research and development, the arts, industry, and entertainment. ACM SIGGRAPH chapter members are interested in the advancement of computer graphics and interactive techniques, and related technologies and applications.

Student Chapters

ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapters are the university-associated, year-round groups that bring new inspiration and innovation to the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Student Chapters share knowledge with other chapters (both student and professional), provide industry and mentor connections, and promote collaboration with the international ACM SIGGRAPH community. Student chapters must have a faculty advisor as a member.

Chapter Directory

ACM SIGGRAPH has professional and student chapters throughout the world. Connect with fellow ACM SIGGRAPH members by discovering a chapter near you.

Chapter Responsibilities

  • A chapter must hold a minimum of four meetings per year to be considered active.
  • A chapter is required to set up AND maintain a chapter web site.
  • Each chapter is expected to stay in regular contact with the Chapters Committee Chair via email or phone.
  • Each chapter must complete and return the ACM Annual Report.
  • Each chapter is required to establish and maintain a current chapter profile through the ACM Chapter Administrative Interface.
  • Each chapter is expected to add their leadership volunteers to the chapter-leaders mailing list.
  • Chapters must publicize ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM events.

Starting a Chapter

No chapter in your area? Consider starting your own. It takes a great deal of work and commitment, but it is a rewarding experience.

  1. Email your intent to the Chapters Committee 
  2. Review the initial questions 
  3. Meet informally with people who are interested in your new chapter
    • Establishing an initial team will help you not only recruit others to help with chapter formation, but also give you a chance to evaluate people who may become part of the chapter’s leadership team.
  4. Start planning the chapter’s first public event
    • This could be as simple as bringing people together for a discussion about the chapter or it could involve presentations: a speaker from the local area, a screening of local computer graphics work, or a meeting that takes place after another event in your area.
  5. Identify people who are willing to serve as the core leadership of your group
    • This nucleus must consist of 10 people who are ready to apply for a chapter charter. The group should designate four acting officers: a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. These interim officers must be members of both ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH.
  6. The proposed leadership group should give some thought to programming plans for the first year of chapter operation
    • Include possible topics and presenters, approximate time of year, possible venues, etc. Keep it simple for the first year and refer to Chapter Responsibilities.
  7. The core group and its interim officers should complete the online chapter chartering forms.
    • When submitting your petition, please keep in mind that ACM SIGGRAPH requires its chapters to be named for cities or regions, not countries or states.

    Ready to Apply?

    To apply to set up an ACM SIGGRAPH chapter, follow the simple four-step online process.

    When your documents have been approved by both ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH, you will be officially chartered as an ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter.

    Join a Chapter Now

    To join a chapter, discover your nearest location in our directory and visit their website.