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Computer Graphics Pioneers

Members of this networking, mentorship, advisory, and philanthropic organization are passionate advocates of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

The Pioneers get together every year at a reception during the annual SIGGRAPH conference to meet old friends, make new ones, enjoy dinner and refreshments, and listen to a distinguished speaker from the computer graphics community.

Since 2003, together with the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, they have sponsored the Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH Student Program, which brings high school sophomores and juniors to the the annual SIGGRAPH conference. Each student is mentored by a Computer Graphics Pioneer.

The Pioneers are also passionate advocates of computer graphics and interactive techniques who share their opinions with the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Council and Conference Committees to help shape the future of the organization.

ACM SIGGRAPH Pioneers Membership $47

There are two basic requirements to be a Computer Graphics Pioneer:

1. Twenty years of experience in some aspect of computer graphics and/or interactive techniques. It's not just for technical types; sales people and company presidents and artists and animators are also eligible and welcome.

2. Pay the $US 47.00 membership fee.

Membership supports the mentorship program, provides admission to the annual Computer Graphics Pioneers dinner, and earns a Pioneer ribbon for display before, during, and after the conference.Members also agree to perform some service to the computer graphics community. This service may include conference or journal paper reviews, financial support of the mentoring program, serving as a mentor, or some other service as needs or opportunities arise.