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Guest Speaker Announced for SIGGRAPH 2014 CG Pioneers' Reception

Chris Edwards, CEO of previs company THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc., will demonstrate how more than a decade of computer-aided visualization has enabled filmmakers to tell stories they simply couldn’t tell before. 

SIGGRAPH Introduces Students to the Wonder of Computing

ACM SIGGRAPH's "Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH" program provides a limited number of high school students unrestricted access to the conference; a full week of immersion in cutting-edge computer graphics technology, art and research.

SIGGRAPH Introduces Students to the Wonder of Computing

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science is one of the country's fastest growing occupational fields. By 2020, the BLS estimates there will be 4.2 million computing and IT jobs in the United States alone.

Ramesh Raskar to Speak at CG Pioneers Group Annual Reception

On Tuesday July 23, the SIGGRAPH Pioneers Group will hold its annual conference reception at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim. This year's speaker will be Ramesh Raskar of MIT, who recently stunned the graphics community with his presentation of the trillion FPS camera.