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SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Applications Due Feb 9

SIGGRAPH, the world's largest international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, has been host to innumerable groundbreaking talks, papers and posters over the last 40 years.

Free Online Learning Resource: Computer Graphics Courses

Want to learn how to create computer graphics? Or expand your knowledge of CG software and techniques? You may be interested in ACM SIGGRAPH's recently-launched program, "SIGGRAPH University."

CCISE 2014

Complexity, Cybernetics, and Informing Science/Engineering are increasingly being related on the conceptual, methodological, and practical dimensions. T. Grandon Gill’s book (Informing Business: Research and Education on a Rugged Landscape) shows the strong and important relationships between Complexity and Informing Science (specifically academic informing), and the potentiality of these relationships in supporting the integration of academic activities: Research, Education, and Consulting or real Life Problem Solving.

ICETI 2014

Education (cognitive development) and training (performance in a specific skill) are different but highly related notions. They have common means to achieve their objectives as it is the case of, for example, teaching, learning and e-learning. Informatics is supporting both of them with an increasing frequency and effectiveness in more and more activities and domains. The objective of ICETI 2014 is to bring together researchers, professionals and practitioners from the three areas so they can share their knowledge and experiences in an multi- and inter-disciplinary intellectual climate.

DeMset 2013

Design and modeling are concepts and activities common to several disciplines in Science, Education, and Technology. Consequently, design and modeling provide effective concepts, theories, methodologies, and tools for intra- and inter-disciplinary communications. The World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI might provide synergic relationships with a conference on Design and Modeling, and vice versa.

EITSA 2013

Relationships between Education/Training and Information/Communication Technologies (ICT) are increasing accelerating -- sometimes in unexpected ways -- with original ideas, innovative tools, methodologies and synergies. Accordingly, the main purpose of EISTA 2013 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from both areas, to support the bridging process between education/training and ICT communities.

Call for Submissions: SpaceTime 2013

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee is sponsoring the SpaceTime juried Student Poster Competition & and Online Exhibition 2013 again this year. The competition provides an excellent opportunity for students currently attending school in either a traditional academic setting or a home school at either the High School/Secondary or College/University levels and working in computer based media to exhibit their creative work nationally and internationally.

Encore Has It All

If you weren’t able to attend SIGGRAPH 2012 or want a refresher before you head to Anaheim for SIGGRAPH 2013, visit Encore. ACM SIGGRAPH members enjoy free access to Encore video presentations. These conference presentations can be downloaded or streamed from the Digital Library. Check out this great content here.

Organizing a BOF Session

It’s time to register your Birds of a Feather session. A BOF session must be free of charge, related to computer graphics or interactive techniques, open to all SIGGRAPH 2013 attendees, and non-commercial in nature (topics specific to one commercial product or for-profit company are not allowed).