Special Sessions

Special Sessions are a unique feature of the annual SIGGRAPH conference. In Special Sessions, leading technologists and artists demonstrate recent achievements in areas of high interest. They provide creative, innovative, and thought-provoking content that attracts many in the SIGGRAPH community.

In the past, these sessions have included inspiring presentations on recent and historical film achievements, game development, and fascinating technological breakthroughs. Some Special Sessions even stretch the boundaries of the SIGGRAPH community by bringing in outside experts who have insight into the problems we wrestle with in graphics.

Special Sessions are not forums for narrow technical discussions or debates. They are for presenters who share unique and informed visions of where we are today and what may lie on the road ahead.

Special Sessions are by definition "Special" and need not follow any previous form. They can also extend beyond a traditional session room and may take the form of a performance or events.

We invite you to submit your thoughts and ideas! Please send your suggestions to:

Jerome Solomon
SIGGRAPH 2007 Special Sessions Co-Chair
Industrial Light & Magic

Jessica K. Hodgins
SIGGRAPH 2007 Special Sessions Co-Chair
Carnegie Mellon University