Educators Program

Teaching has forever been regarded as one of the most worthy and noble achievements; the exhilaration and elation attained from facilitating others' learning and understanding is priceless and precious, as any educator knows. Here at the SIGGRAPH 2007 Educators Program, our aim is to support the evolving alliance of art, technology, and modernism in a proactive, positive environment. Educators of all levels and disciplines, and imaginative ideas of all kinds, are welcome.

As a K-12 educator and entertainment/education designer, I hope to bring a distinctive perspective to SIGGRAPH 2007. The Educators Program committee is developing outreach programs for others interested in joining our tapestry of talent as we look for new ways to integrate more visual learning, hands-on experience, computer graphics, and interactive techniques in the classroom. We encourage submission of teacher and student classroom portfolios, tapered curriculum designs, and individual case studies that foster more opportunities for K-12 initiatives. The fundamental motivation of this enlightening, edifying prospectus is to bring together educators, instructors, and theorists from all fields who share the same impassioned desire and fortitude to augment the quality of curriculums, apply the tools required to improve student learning, and engage and inspire others to adopt the laudable, life-long pursuit of advancing education, technology, and culture.

Please join us and make SIGGRAPH 2007 a spectacular experience of shared vision and mutual support. Take a look at the avenues for presenting your theories, tested work, future ideas, and collaborations. These collaborations will be formal (as in papers, panels, workshops, and forums) and informal, as we share the inspiration and commitment that binds us together in the teaching-learning community. We are strongly encouraging disciplines that have not previously been largely represented in the SIGGRAPH conference (K-12 classroom teachers, medical imaging, web graphics, art history and studio art, music, theater, architecture, game developers, and others) to participate and submit their work to the Educators Program.

We are particularly interested in proposals that encourage lifelong learning, continuity among all academic levels, collaborations between academic disciplines, exchanges between the arts and sciences, access to those with disabilities, and multi-cultural initiatives.

Through our collaborative work with the SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the efforts of this program will be available for educators year-round, to share and evolve.

We welcome submissions that will help us move forward, while building upon solid foundations.

Janese Swanson
SIGGRAPH 2007 Educators Program Chair
The Art Apprentice