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2017 Significant New Researcher Award: Bernd Bickel

Bernd BickelSource: SIGGRAPH 2017 Citation

ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to present the Significant New Researcher Award to Bernd Bickel for his work in fabrication and in facial modeling and animation.

Before starting as an Assistant Professor at IST Austria, Bernd received his Masters and PhD from ETH Zurich, and worked as a research scientist at Disney Research Zurich. His research spans multiple disciplines including fabrication, material science, biomechanics, and animation, where Bernd has made significant contributions to modeling and simulation, and the design and representation of materials and objects for 3D fabrication.

Bernd’s work on facial modeling introduced novel techniques for multi-scale geometry capture, facial capture using a skin reflectance model, facial hair capture, and low-cost geometry capture with a single camera. His contributions towards facial animation include pose-space animation and detail transfer, an extension to marker-based motion capture that captures fine details such as wrinkles, and facial cloning using an animatronic character.

Bernd has also made core contributions in the design of fabricated objects by modeling their structural and mechanical properties, as well as their optical appearance. He has introduced a wide range of 3D fabrication representations and techniques such as for flexible rod meshes, inflatable structures, planar-rod structures, and flexible shells for molding. He has also used fabrication methods to create moving characters, including walking automata, articulated characters, and actuated deformable characters. In appearance modeling, Bernd has used 3D printing to create spatially-varying BRDF’s and translucent materials.

For his extensive contributions at such an early stage of his career, we are pleased to present the SNR Award to Bernd Bickel.

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