Saturday, 18 December | 9:00 AM - 12:45 PM | Room 308B/C

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Geometry Simulation for Feature Films

Friday, 17 December | 7:00 午後 - 10:45 午後 | Room 308B/C

This course introduces how simulations have used flesh mesh, cloth mesh, and rigid bodies in VFX movies such as "Avatar", "Terminator", "Indiana Jones", and "Transformer". The main focus is on how CG artists plan the simulation setup to achieve efficient dynamic effects.

The first section of the course describes the process of setting up a realistic tree simulation in a very heavy and complex 3D model for "Avatar". Attendees learn how to plan and prepare a simulation setup from complex and heavy geometry. The second section explains the destruction simulation that was developed for "Indiana Jones 4" and "Transformer 2". Attendees learn how to use fracture techniques to break the geometry and how to use the fragment-clustering system to control rigid simulation. In the third section, attendees learn how various dynamic constraints and deformable rigid simulation were used in car-crash simulations and the multiple-layer simulation setup on "Terminator 4".



Intended Audience

All attendees.

Presentation Language

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨


Two years of experience in the CG industry or two years of formal CG education.


Introduction and Welcome 

Introduction to ILM and ILM Show Reel for SIGGRAPH 2010

Making of Tree  and Plant Simulation on "Avatar"

Making of Destruction Simulation on "Indiana Jones" and "Transformer"
  Destruction, Fragment Clustering System, Field Control

Making of Simulation on "Terminator 4"
  Car Crashing sSmulation, Flesh and Cloth Simulation 

Wrap Up & Discussion

Seunghun Lee
Industrial Light & Magic

Instructor Bios

Since 2003, Seunghun Lee has worked at ILM as a lead creature technical director, where he and his team specialize in creature rigging and cloth, rigid-body, muscle, flesh, and hair setup and simulation. He began working in the commercial film industry in 1993. He worked for animation, film, and TV animation companies in Japan before moving to California to join ILM, where he has worked on 17 movies, including "Avatar", "Iron Man 2", "Indiana Jones", "Starwars", "Terminator Salvation", and "Pirates of the Caribbean". He lectures at seminars and presentations several times a year.