Virtual & Augmented Reality

Thursday - Saturday, 16 - 18 December | 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Level 3 - Foyer Hall E

Visorama 2.0: A Platform for Multimedia Gigapixel Panoramas

The Visorama system provides a full platform for viewing and interacting with multimedia gigapixel panoramas.

Ruben Zonenschein

Luiz Velho
Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada

Annotating With "Sticky" Light for Remote Guidance

A remote guidance system that can support a mobile worker by projecting "sticky annotations" from a remote helper into the worker's physical environment.

Matt Adcock
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Chris Gunn
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Direct Volume Drilling of Internal Structures Using a 2D Pointing Device

A new mouse-based drilling approach on the volume-rendering image and a framework for interactive drilling on the arbitrary 3D internal region.

Keiho Imanishi
Tohoku University

Megumi Nakao
Tohoku University

Kotaro Minato
Tohoku University

Flick Flock: The Distant and Distinct Characteristics of the Masses in Immersive Aesthetic Space

This poster elaborates on concepts of distance and distinctiveness behind an immersive virtual environment called Flick Flock (2009) that uses embodied interaction to explore human perceptual processes.

Wendy Ann Mansilla
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Jordi Puig
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Visualizing and Experiencing Harmful Gases in the VR Environment

An approach to visualizing and experiencing the harmful gases caused by fire in the virtual reality environment, which could help people to conduct safer fire-response activities.

Moohyun Cha
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

A Real-Time and Direct-Touch Interaction for a 3D Exhibition of Woven Cultural Property

A real-time and direct-touch interaction for a 3D exhibition of the Tenmizuhiki tapestries: Hirashaji Houou Monyou Shishu of Fune-hoko of the Gion Festival in Kyoto.

Wataru Wakita
Ritsumeikan University

Katsuhito Akahane
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Masaharu Isshiki
Ehime University

Hiromi Tanaka
Ritsumeikan University

A 3D Active-Touch Interaction Based on Meso-Structure Analysis

Modeling surface asperity of cultural properties based on meso-structure analysis and development of a 3D exhibition system that enables users to touch the digital archive model interactively.

Kazuyoshi Nomura
Ritsumeikan University

Wataru Wakita
Ritsumeikan University

Hiromi T. Tanaka
Ritsumeikan University

Progressive Mesh Cutting for a Real-Time Haptic Incision Simulator

An effective mesh-cutting method for a real-time incision simulator. The method reproduces visual and haptic feedback involved in the incision.

Seokyeol Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Jihwan Park
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Jinah Park
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

A Japanese Text-Based Mobile Augmented-Reality Application

An application that uses Japanese words as markers by converting Japanese characters from signs to text and extracting keywords in real time.

Tao Ren
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Yewei Wang
Columbia University

Enhancing Video Games in Real Time With Biofeedback Data

This graduate-student project explores the relationship between external visual and audio stimuli, such as those in video games, and the effects they have on the player.

Tatyana Koutepova
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Yantong Liu
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Xiao Lan
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Shirley Saldamarco
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy