Art & Design

Thursday - Saturday, 16 - 18 December | 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Level 3 - Foyer Hall E

Scene(ic): Performativity and Visual Narrative in Amateur Digital Photography

Scene(ic) is an an interactive installation that investigates the relationship among lived experience, performativity, and the visual narrative of travel photography. A tangent of memory is made manifest.

Erin Ashenhurst
Simon Fraser University

Thecla Schiphorst
Simon Fraser University

Pondang: Artificial Creature Ecology With Evolutionary Sound

An investigation into a tangible interactive art form (Pondang) shared by virtual creatures in an artificial pond and humans.

Seokhwan Cheon
University at Buffalo

Surge: An Experiment in Real-Time Music Analysis for Gaming

A multi-disciplinary collaboration at Drexel University focuses on expanding the music-game genre through merging novel audio-analysis algorithms with music-driven dynamic gameplay to create a "music-reactive" game.

Christian Hahn
Drexel University

Life Twitter: Connecting Everyday Commodities With Social Networking Services

A system that uses sensor bundles to reshape everyday commodities. When the reformed commodities are used, the system automatically "twitters" users' activities to the social network.

Tai-Wei Kan
National Taiwan University

Chin-Hung Teng
Yuan Ze University


An interpretation of how emptiness, a factor in various human-perceived experiences, can be integrated in media art.

Junghwan Sung
Soongsil University

Semi Kim
Soongsil University

Hwanik Jo
Soongsil University

Cell Voice: Touching Minds and Hearts Through Voice and Light

Cell Voice is a simple and interesting context-aware message medium that allows people to directly leave voice messages in a device and convert tactile sensation into auditory data.

Yi-Heng Lee
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Chao-Ming Wang
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Interactive Oriental Orchid Created With the Spirit and the Mind

An ink-and-wash painting of oriental orchid created with fingertips as of they are brushing dust off of an orchid leaf.

Young-Mi Kim
Chung-Ang University

Tangible User Interface Design for Home Automation Energy Management

This study explores how to satisfy the emotional needs of a tangible user interface in a home automation environment.

Miji Park
Seoul National University

New Cloth Modeling for Designing Dyed Patterns

This novel cloth-modeling method includes a local geometric operation for plural dyed patterns and stitching operation for cloth gathering.

Yuki Morimoto

Kenji Ono