Wednesday, 15 December | 2:15 PM - 6:00 PM | Room 314

Presented in English, translated simultaneously to Korean / 영어로 발표 됨 (한국어 동시 통역)

Introduction to Computer Graphics

Wednesday, 15 December | 12:15 am - 4:00 am | Room 314

A SIGGRAPH conference is an exciting event, but it is often an intimidating experience for first-time attendees. There are so many new terms, new ideas, and new product concepts to try to understand. It is like standing in a room with 100 doors and having no idea which door to open because you have no idea what the label on each door actually means. This leaves new attendees baffled and frustrated about how to spend their time. This course is designed to ease newcomers into the SIGGRAPH Asia conference experience by presenting the fundamental concepts and vocabulary at a level that can be readily understood. Far from being made up of dry facts, this course will also portray the fun and excitement that led most of us here in the first place. Attendees in the course will become well-prepared to understand, appreciate, enjoy, network, and learn from the rest of the SIGGRAPH Asia experience.

This is a half-day Beginning course. This course will be given lecture-style. There will be PowerPoint slides and live demos showing the use of computer graphics in applications These will be used to illustrate fundamental concepts (e.g., here is an image with and without perspective) and to illustrate those concepts in applications (e.g., here is the use of perspective in a visualization application and why you have to be careful when using it). The source code for the graphics program demos will be included on the conference DVD so that attendees can use them in their own applications and classes as well.

Because this is the first time that SIGGRAPH is being held in Korea, an introductory course taught by experienced practioners will be an important aspect of the conference.



Intended Audience

This course is intended for the complete newcomer to SIGGRAPH Asia and computer graphics who wants to learn some of the basic terms and concepts in computer graphics as well as receive some guidance on how to get the most out of attending SIGGRAPH Asia.

Presentation Language

Presented in English, translated simultaneously to Korean / 영어로 발표 됨 (한국어 동시 통역)


The prerequisites for this course are a basic understanding of computers and algebra. We will fill in all other required knowledge by carefully planning the order of presentations.


Welcome and Overview - Cunningham
  Course goals and schedule 
  Generic graphics process

Graphics Hardware - Bailey
  What parts of the graphics process can be made faster? 
  Display technology to watch for
  Advice on getting the most from the Exhibition 

Modeling - Bailey
  Where does this all go in the graphics process? 
  Creation of 3D models 
  Geometric primitives 

Rendering I - Cunningham
  Where does this all go in the graphics process? 
  Two approaches: start at the object and start at the eye 
  Local and global shading 


Rendering II - Cunningham

GPU Shaders - Bailey
  What problem are we trying to solve? 
  Where does this all go in the graphics pipeline? 
  Now there are five types of shaders 
  What kinds of things can you do and why do you care?
Finding Additional Information - Bailey
  List of good reference books, by topic
  List of organizations to join
  List of publications to subscribe to
  List of conferences to go to

Questions and Answers

Mike Bailey
Oregon State University

Steve Cunningham
Brown Cunningham Associates

Instructor Bios

Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey is a professor in Computer Science at Oregon State University. Mike holds a PhD from Purdue University. Mike has also worked at Sandia National Labs, Purdue University, Megatek Corporation, and the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Mike has extensive experience with the SIGGRAPH courses, having taught the Introduction class several times before. Mike has taught numerous classes at conferences (SIGGRAPH, SIGCSE, IEEE Visualization, ACM Supercomputing), at the college level (a total of over 3800 students), and commercially. Mike was five times voted Computer Science Teacher of the Year by the UCSD CS seniors.

Steve Cunningham
Steve Cunningham has been actively engaged in computer graphics education for many years. He has organized computer graphics education workshops developed by SIGGRAPH and Eurographics in Spain, Portugal, the UK, China, and Austria. He has given computer graphics teaching workshops at the SIGCSE conference and in Brazil, Botswana, and Mexico, and served as Chair of both the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and the Eurographics Education Board. He has authored, co-authored, or co-edited seven books, mostly on computer graphics-related topics, including a recent textbook for a beginning computer graphics course.