Friday, 17 December | 9:00 AM - 12:45 PM | Room 308B/C

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Storytelling for Computer-Animated Shorts

Thursday, 16 December | 7:00 pm - 10:45 pm | Room 308B/C

This course examines the purposes and value of stories and storytelling as they relate to the classical story structure. The role of genres and cliches is examined as they relate to storytelling. The top five storytelling techniques are presented in detail, with many examples. The 10 principles of animation are revisited from a storytelling point of view. Classical story design and structure are presented as a simple and powerful model that travels across cultures and generations. And the five parts of a classical story are analyzed in detail. The course concludes with a summary of characterization and revelation of deep character. Short exercises complement the lectures and dialog.



Intended Audience

Anyone involved in animating, producing and/or developing a story. Computer animators, directors, producers, artists, animation faculty, and students.

Presentation Language

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨


A deep interest in storytelling. Prior experience with animating stories is desirable.


  Why are stories meaningful and valuable?
  The classical story
  Story development ad research
  Story genres

The Power of Storytelling
  Spoken storytelling and visual storytelling

Storytelling Tips 
  The top five storytelling techniques and why
  Storytelling and the principles of animation

Story Structure
  The five parts of a classical story
  The relation between structure and character
  The classical story design
  Story design and setting

  Characterization and revelation of deep character
  Character arc and conflict

Story Design 
  Choosing meaningful moments and events
  Change, conflict, and resolution
  Achieving emotion
  The arc of a story
  The minimalist storytelling approach, including limited animation
  Story setting: period, duration, location, and level of conflict
  Non-classical story design formats

Animation Storytelling Techniques
  The top 15 animation storytelling techniques

Exercise #1

Exercise #2

Isaac Kerlow
Nanyang Technological University/Earth Observatory of Singapore

Instructor Bios

Isaac Kerlow is an artist and director who pioneered the use of digital technology for creative applications. He was in charge of the animation/art production group at Disney Interactive, and is the author of The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, now in its 4th edition and translated to Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. He was founding dean of the first professional art/animation/film school in Singapore, at Nanyang Technological University and Computer Animation Festival Director for SIGGRAPH 2010.