Emerging Technologies: Synthesis - Toward A New Perception

1. Will SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 pay for shipping my work?
No. If your work is accepted, you are responsible for crating, shipping, and insurance.

2. Should I send video documentation of my piece?
Yes. Video documentation is required. Time-based documentation is the best way to illustrate how conference attendees will actually experience your project. We may also use the video in publicity for Emerging Technologies.

3. May I submit my unfinished work as a "work in progress" if it is not complete by the submission deadline?
A work in progress may be submitted if it represents at least 95 percent of the final version. Please explain in detail what additions will be made prior to the installation.

4. I am an artist with an interactive art installation. Will my submission be considered?
Interactive art works should be submitted directly to the Art Gallery.

5. Will I have to do a formal presentation of my work at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008?
No, but we strongly recommend a companion submission to Sketches & Posters.

6. I'm having trouble uploading the high-resolution digital image required for online submission. What should I do?
If, due to bandwidth restrictions, you cannot upload a high-resolution image or supplemental movies, please instead upload a lower-resolution version. If we need to include a higher-resolution version for jury review or publication stills, we will contact you to make arrangements.

7. My email address will be changing soon. How can I notify you of the update?
You will be able to change your email address in the online submission system.

8. I've completed the online submission forms, but the system still allows me to edit my account. Am I done?
Yes. But you are allowed to edit your online submission account until the deadline: 20 June 2008, 22:00 UTC/GMT.

9. Should I submit a sketch or poster in addition to my Emerging Technologies proposal?
Yes. We highly encourage sketch and poster submissions from those who submit to Emerging Technology submissions. Sketches & Posters are perfect forums to speak about your technology, especially the concepts, techniques, and innovations behind your Emerging Technology project.

10. If I don't need to ship my equipment, and I can carry it in with me, do I need to provide shipping documents?
If you want to carry your equipment into the convention centre, please contact the Emerging Technologies Chairs for detailed information on how to make appropriate arrangements. More information on this topic will be available here later.