Recognition Policy for Presenters & Volunteers

The Recognition Policy for Presenters & Volunteers is designed to acknowledge and show appreciation for all contributions to the conference. The basic recognition policy is based on a percentage discount of the early registration fees for whatever registration category the presenter or volunteer chooses, according to the following table. For student members of ACM SIGGRAPH, the percentage discount applies to the student registration fees.

Category Eligibility Discount

Courses Up to two presenters per full-day course, one presenter per half-day course, and one presenter per tutorial. Some presenters are also eligible for travel reimbursement (see Courses Expense Policy). 100%

Emerging Technologies Up to two presenters per Emerging Technologies demo. 100%

Technical Papers, Computer Animation Festival, and Art Gallery One presenter per piece. 50%

Sketches & Posters,
Educators Programme
One presenter per piece. 25%

Jurors Jurors 50%

Volunteers, Student Volunteers, and XSV Participants Volunteers with a full-time work commitment at the conference. 100%

Conference Committee, SIGGRAPH Asia CAG, and EC Conference Committee members for this year's and next year's conferences, members of the Conference Advisory Group, and ACM SIGGRAPH's Executive Committee. 100%

Each registration discount will be accompanied by an invitation to the Contributor Reception.

If a presenter's employer is willing to pay for registration, SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 encourages the presenter to waive the recognition discount. Any overall savings goes to enhance the overall attendee experience at the conference.