Sketches & Posters

Sketches & Posters provide dynamic forums for new and thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

This programme covers a broad spectrum of topics including digital art, design, science, and engineering. It encompasses ideas ranging from speculation to academic research, from industrial development and practical tools to behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic work.

We ask you to describe your work in just a single page, but the goal is to present and discuss it in person at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. Sketches & Posters offer two distinct presentation styles:

1. A scheduled oral presentation of about 15 minutes (a sketch) in an auditorium.

2. Visual materials (a poster) on display in the convention centre.

Posters will have scheduled sessions in which presenters will be available for informal interaction and discussion. Both presentation formats allow authors to receive feedback and ideas from attendees.

Whether you are toying with fuzzy what-if ideas, developing new techniques, or using existing ones in novel ways, we want to hear from you. We encourage submissions from artists, animators, developers, and researchers from academia and industry, as well as independent work. Students are particularly welcome.

Be a part of this exciting exchange of ideas and techniques. Be a pioneer and contribute your ideas to the first SIGGRAPH Asia!

We welcome questions about Sketches & Posters. But please, before you send questions via email, review the Frequently Asked Questions. Your question may be answered there. If it is not, use this form to send your question to us.

The deadline for submission to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Sketches & Posters is 12 July 2008, 22:00 UTC/GMT. Please continue to visit this site for further submission details.

Diego Gutierrez
Sketches & Posters Chair