Educators Programme

We are delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to become a part of the Educators Programme for the first SIGGRAPH Asia, in December 2008, in vibrant Singapore.

Join with the international education community to discuss pedagogical challenges, the changing demographics of those yearning for information, creative approaches to instruction, and technical innovation. The aim of the Educators Programme is to create an environment that supports innovative approaches to computer graphics and digital arts education. We view education as a natural part of the lifelong learning process, and we wish to support the evolving integration of art and technology embraced by educators of all levels and disciplines.

Envisioned as an international gathering of industry professionals and academics, the Educators Programme will present perspectives that appeal to a wide spectrum of interests. We will share educational strategies adopted in both industry and academia to make the learning process more satisfying, productive, and meaningful.

You are invited to participate in this premier platform for presentation of pedagogical papers, Quick Takes (10-minute presentations of project concepts, work in progress, and calls for collaboration), panels, forums, and tutorials on innovative approaches to instruction, the use of computer-generated imagery and interactivity in the classroom, and other research related to educational methodology in the context of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Come and be a part of this ground-breaking opportunity.

Mark Chavez
Educators Programme Chair