Fun With Single Images

Full Conference  One-Day Full Conference

Thursday, 11 December
15:45 - 18:00
Room 303, 304, 305
Session Chair: Kang Sing Bing

Deep Photo: Model-Based Photograph Enhancement and Viewing
A novel method for browsing, enhancing, and manipulating outdoor photographs by combining them with existing geo-referenced digital terrain and urban models.

Johannes Kopf
Universität Konstanz

Dani Lischinski
The Hebrew University

Daniel Cohen-Or
Tel Aviv University

Boris Neubert
Oliver Deussen
Universität Konstanz

Michael Cohen
Matt Uyttendaele
Microsoft Research

Billy Chen
Microsoft Research

Animating Animal Motion From Still Images
A novel technique to infer and animate animal motions from a still image.

Xuemiao Xu
Liang Wan
Xiaopei Liu
Tien-Tsin Wong
Liansheng Wang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chi-Sing Leung
City University of Hong Kong

Optimised Scale-and-Stretch for Image Resizing
An image-resizing method that computes an optimal scaling transformation for each local region, such that the aspect ratios of the automatically detected prominent features are preserved.

Yu-Shuen Wang
National Cheng Kung University

Chiew-Lan Tai
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Olga Sorkine
New York University

Tong-Yee Lee
National Cheng Kung University

Interactive Normal Reconstruction From a Single Image
An interactive approach for reconstructing surface normals of an object in a single image: interactive shape-from-shading and rotation palettes, which allow easy and intuitive manipulation using relative normals.

Tai-Pang Wu
Jian Sun
Microsoft Research Asia

Chi-Keung Tang
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Heung-Yeung Shum
Microsoft Research Asia

Depicting Procedural Caustics in Single Images
A technique to simulate and approximate caustics in images. The algorithm is designed to produce good results without the need to painstakingly paint over pixels.

Diego Gutierrez
Jorge Lopez-Moreno
Jorge Fandos
Francisco J. Seron
Maria P. Sanchez
Universidad de Zaragoza

Erik Reinhard
University of Bristol