Lighting, Shading, and GPUs

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Friday, 12 December
08:00 - 10:15
Session Chair: Nelson Max

Real-Time KD-Tree Construction on Graphics Hardware
The first real-time algorithm for constructing kd-trees on GPUs and its potential in GPU ray tracing, photon mapping, and point-cloud modeling.

Kun Zhou
Zhejiang University

Qiming Hou
Tsinghua University

Rui Wang
Zhejiang University

Baining Guo
Microsoft Research Asia

Automated Reprojection-Based Pixel Shader Optimisation
This paper presents a set of techniques for automating the use of data reprojection as a general strategy for optimising procedural shaders.

Pitchaya Sitthi-amorn
Jason Lawrence
University of Virginia

Lei Yang
Pedro Sander
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Diego Nehab
Microsoft Research

Jiahe Xi
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Fast, Realistic Lighting and Material Design Using Nonlinear Cut Approximation
An algorithm for efficient computation with cut approximations and an application for interactive lighting and material design under complex illumination with arbitrary BRDFs and per-pixel shading.

Ewen Cheslack-Postava
Stanford University

Rui Wang
Oskar Akerlund
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fabio Pellacini
Dartmouth College

Imperfect Shadow Maps for Efficient Computation of Indirect Illumination
A method for interactive computation of indirect illumination in large and fully dynamic scenes. It is based on approximate visibility encoded in imperfect shadow maps.

Tobias Ritschel
Thorsten Grosch
Max Planck Institut für Informatik

Min H. Kim
University College London

Hans-Peter Seidel
Max Planck Institut für Informatik

Carsten Dachsbacher
Universität Stuttgart

Jan Kautz
University College London

Progressive Photon Mapping
A new formulation of photon mapping for computing global illumination with progressive refinement.

Toshiya Hachisuka
University of California, San Diego

Shinji Ogaki
School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Nottingham

Henrik Wann Jensen
University of California, San Diego