Physically Based Animation

Full Conference  One-Day Full Conference

Saturday, 13 December
15:45 - 18:00
Room 303, 304, 305
Session Chair: Hyeong-Seok Ko

Magnets in Motion
A method for magnetic interaction in rigid-body simulation, allowing interactive simulation of dozens of magnets. The approach is physically sound and has excellent accuracy and preservation properties.

Bernhard Thomaszewski
Andreas Gumann
Simon Pabst
Wolfgang Straßr
Universität Tübingen

Real-Time Control of Physically Based Simulations Using Gentle Forces
Real-time control with gentle forces cooperates with natural dynamics to generate simulations that are fast, compliant, and directable.

Jernej Barbić
Jovan Popović
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Staggered Projections for Frictional Contact in Multibody Systems
A discrete, velocity-level formulation of frictional-contact dynamics that enables a novel and accurate algorithm for frictional-contact resolution based on a simple staggered sequence of projections.

Danny Kaufman
Shinjiro Sueda
The University of British Columbia

Doug James
Cornell University

Dinesh Pai
The University of British Columbia

Optimizing Cubature for Efficient Integration of Subspace Deformations
Cubature optimization enables fast evaluation of subspace internal forces associated with subspace deformations of models with complex geometry, nonlinear deformations, and nonlinear hyperelastic materials.

Steven An
Theodore Kim
Doug James
Cornell University

Fast Animation of Turbulence Using Energy Transport and Procedural Synthesis
A novel technique for animation of turbulent fluids by coupling a procedural turbulence model with a numerical fluid solver to introduce subgrid-scale flow detail.

Rahul Narain
Jason Sewall
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mark Carlson
DreamWorks Animation

Ming Lin
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill