Colourisation & Upsampling

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Saturday, 13 December
08:00 - 10:15
Session Chair: Marc Pollefeys

A Virtual Restoration Stage for Real-World Objects
A system to virtually restore damaged or historically significant objects without needing to physically change the object in any way.

Daniel Aliaga
Alvin Law
Yu-Hong Yeung
Purdue University

Superimposing Dynamic Range
A cost-efficient way of extending contrast, perceived tonal resolution, and color space of static hardcopy images, beyond the capabilities of hardcopies or low-dynamic-range displays alone.

Oliver Bimber
Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Daisuke Iwai
Osaka University

VirtualStudio2Go: Digital Video Composition for Real Environments
Synchronised film cameras, video projectors, and high-speed LED lighting, together with radiometric image correction, enable professional digital video composition effects in real environments without the constraints of virtual studios.

Anselm Grundhöfer
Oliver Bimber
Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Intrinsic Colourisation
An example-based colourisation technique robust to illumination differences between grayscale target and colour-reference images.

Xiaopei Liu
Liang Wan
Yingge Qu
Tien-Tsin Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Stephen Lin
Microsoft Research Asia

Chi-Sing Leung
City University of Hong Kong

Pheng-Ann Heng
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fast Image/Video Upsampling
A simple yet effective upsampling method for automatically enhancing image/video resolution, while naturally preserving the structural information and temporal coherence.

Qi Shan
Zhaorong Li
Jiaya Jia
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chi-Keung Tang
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology