Character Animation I

Full Conference  One-Day Full Conference

Thursday, 11 December
13:45 - 15:30
Room 303, 304, 305
Session Chair: Subodh Kumar

Animating Responsive Characters with Dynamic Constraints in Near-Unactuated Coordinates
An approach to animating physically responsive virtual characters by combining kinematic pose control with dynamic constraints in the muscle-actuation space.

Yuting Ye
C. Karen Liu
Georgia Institute of Technology

Synthesis of Constrained Walking Skills
A flexible framework for locomotion that enables physically simulated characters to navigate across terrains with gaps and other stepping constraints.

Stelian Coros
KangKang Yin
Philippe Beaudoin
Michiel van de Panne
The University of British Columbia

Interaction Patches for Multi-Character Animation
A method to generate large-scale character animation, such as a character fighting with many enemies, and a crowd passing luggage one after another in a warehouse.

Hubert P.H. Shum
Taku Komura
University of Edinburgh

Masashi Shiraishi
Waseda University

Shuntaro Yamazaki
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Motion Overview of Human Actions
A method for generating overview videos based on the analysis of motion capture data.

Jackie Assa
Daniel Cohen-Or
Tel Aviv University

I-Cheng Yeh
Tong-Yee Lee
National Cheng-Kung University