Introduction to Computer Graphics Shaders with glman

Full Conference  One-Day Full Conference

Thursday, 11 December, 13:45 - 17:30
Room 314
Level: Intermediate

An introduction to the programmable shader capabilities of the latest generation of graphics cards. Attendees learn to write graphics programmes using vertex, fragment, and geometry shaders, and use the glman tool to develop the shaders independently from the applications that will use them.

The course covers basic shader concepts, showing how shaders fit into the traditional graphics pipeline and how they communicate with each other and with an application. The GLSL language is introduced, along with the special types and built-in variable names it uses, and how the GLSL API is used to add shaders to an OpenGL application. Examples illustrate how shaders can be used to implement advanced modeling and shading features, and the use of noise, image manipulation techniques, and LOD operations. Specific applications of shaders in scientific visualisation are also presented. A CD containing the glman tool and code for all the examples used in the course will be distributed, and attendees will be able to install glman on their laptops and work with the examples as the course progresses.

After this course, an experienced OpenGL programmer will be able to write shader programmes and integrate them into graphics applications.

A solid knowledge of fixed-function OpenGL programming and a basic understanding of higher-level computer graphics concepts.

Intended Audience
Anyone who wants to understand and use the vertex, fragment, and geometry shaders that are available with the GLSL shading language in the latest versions of OpenGL.


Mike Bailey
Oregon State University

Steve Cunningham
Brown Cunningham Associates

Instructor Bios

Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey is a professor of computer science at Oregon State University. He has 25 years experience with Sandia National Labs, Purdue University, Megatek, the University of California, San Diego, and Oregon State University, with over 80 publications in the field. He has won eight university teaching awards. He chaired both the SIGGRAPH 91 and IEEE Visualization 2001 conferences.

Steve Cunningham
Steve Cunningham is a former ACM SIGGRAPH Chair and is a Eurographics Fellow. He has served as Chair of SIGGRAPH's Education Committee and the Eurographics Education Board. He has organized or presented nine workshops on computer graphics education and has published seven books, including a beginning computer graphics textbook.