Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find out if I need a visa to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2009?
We provide basic visa information, but if you have specific questions that are not answered there, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Guide to Japanese Visas.

2. I need an invitation letter to apply for a visa. How can I request one?
Please review these requirements for an Invitation Letter.

3. What kind of translation support can an international attendee or contributor receive at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009?
During the conference week, Student Volunteers who are fluent in many languages are available to help with translations, along with answering questions and problems that may arise for attendees. However, the students are not available to act as personal interpreters for any of the conference programs.

4. How can I find out if other people from my country or region are attending SIGGRAPH Asia 2009? Your local ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter may be able to help you. See the Chapters Directory to find out if there is a chapter in your local area.

5. When I leave Yokohama, how early should I leave for the airport when I depart?
Most airlines now require that you check in three hours in advance for international flights due to the increased security checks. You should contact your airline for more specific information.

6. Where can I exchange currency?
There are many currency exchange facilities in Yokohama. Most banks exchange currency as do a number of travel centers in the city.

7. Where can I use credit cards or travelers checks in Yokohama?
Yokohama businesses accept most credit cards and travelers checks. Some restaurants accept cash only. Some businesses may require photo identification (passport or other identification) before cashing travelers checks.

8. What time zone is Yokohama in?
Yokohama is nine hours ahead of UTC/GMT.

9. What is Yokohama's climate?
Yokohama's climate is temperate. In December temperatures, normally range between 12°C (54°F) and 4°C (39°F).