Student Volunteers make a commitment to volunteer for a total of either 15 or 25 hours (approximately) between Tuesday, 14 December 2010 and Saturday, 18 December 2010.

All Student Volunteers will receive a Conference Access badge (equivalent to Full Conference registration, excluding conference documentation). All Student Volunteers who fulfill their commitment may also be eligible to receive a copy of the Full Conference DVD-ROM.

Volunteers who fulfill 25 hours or more and who do not live in the Seoul area are eligible for up to five nights of accommodation in conference housing. Housing is provided according to need and availability. Up to four students of the same gender will be assigned to each room. Further information on housing will be provided upon acceptance as a Student Volunteer.

All volunteers are responsible for their own travel to and from Seoul, as well as their own meals during their time at the conference. Meal vouchers are available, though they are not guaranteed. After arriving in Seoul, Student Volunteers must meet their commitment to the program (either 15 or 25 hours) in order to receive the meal vouchers and to be eligible to receive tickets to events and receptions.