Equipment Insurance

It is unfortunate that every conference experiences some theft in spite of maximum precautions. While SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 does provide security at the convention center, you should exercise standard precautions in securing equipment (especially small, mobile items) when it is in the convention center. As a service to our contributors, SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 insures equipment from the time it enters the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center to the time it leaves the convention center.

This is provided if:

  • Receipt and outbound shipping occur while the convention center is occupied by SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, and
  • An Equipment Insurance Form was completed and submitted on or before 22 November 2010. If you have not completed and submitted the insurance form by Monday, 22 November 2010, 23:59 GMT, your equipment will not be insured by SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.

Instructions on how to complete the Equipment Insurance Form in the SIGGRAPH Asia Online Information System is provided after you have been notified that your work has been accepted for presentation at the conference.

Please note:

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 does not insure personal items, such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, camcorders, etc.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 does not insure equipment in transit to or from the conference. Please be sure to insure your equipment during shipment.

Filing a Claim
If your equipment is insured by SIGGRAPH Asia 2010, please follow this procedure to file a claim for damage or theft:

Notify your program chair and the Conference Management office immediately. We will contact building security.

Work with your program chair and the Conference Management office to obtain a police report while at the convention center.

Forward the following documentation to your program chair:

Copy of the police report

Copy of the original purchase receipt

Copy of a replacement quote from a vendor or manufacturer

The program chair will forward this claim documentation to Conference Management, which will review and record your claim. It will then be sent to the insurance representative at ACM for processing.