Exhibitor Tech Talks

Khronos Media Acceleration Forum

Saturday, 18 December | 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM | Exhibitor Tech Talk Stage

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Khronos Group open standards are the foundation of all the products on display at the Khronos Pavilion at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010. If you develop multimedia content, you should attend this 90-minute session to learn from the world's leading experts on computer graphics and interactive techniques. It is a highly-condensed overview of how royalty-free Khronos APIs let you tap into cutting edge graphics and media processing on platforms ranging from high-end workstations to mobile phones.

Topics include:

• Applications driving next-generation handset requirements
• Opportunities opened up by innovation and standardization in graphics and mobile gaming
• Technological advances in multimedia handset technology

Short presentations by speakers from ARM, Imagination Technologies, NVIDIA, HUONE, DMP, Rightware, and Takumi.

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