Educators Program

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The Educators Program is a place where people from all levels and disciplines, from academia and industry, can share their research, methods, and opinions about the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning computer graphics and interactive techniques in all areas of education, and for integrating them into various areas of education.

The Educators Program presents Education Papers, Workshops, and Talks that cover a wide range of exciting topics: animation, games, design, web, virtual reality, visualization, etc.

Education Papers
Seventeen presentations from nine countries around the world selected from 43 submissions in a rigorous reviewing process. Five sessions presented in English. Two sessions presented in Japanese.

Education Workshops
Invited sessions presented by some of the leading schools and studios in the industry explore the theme of "Bridging the Gap: Academic Education and the Real World". Presented in Japanese and English.

Education Talks
Talks on education for all ages, including children, junior high school students, and senior citizens. Presented in English.