SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Highlights

The first SIGGRAPH Asia convened in Singapore for four full days of world-class technical presentations, creative exploration, and the industry's largest Asian marketplace of products and services: the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Exhibition.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2008's lineup included:

Featured Speakers
Rob Cook, Vice President Advanced Technology Pixar Animation Studios and co-architect and primary author of Pixar's RenderMan, took attendees "Behind The Scenes at Pixar Animation Studios" for a look at how its 3D computer graphics films are made.

Don Greenberg, Director of the Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics and a Computer Graphics Pioneer spoke about "The Expanding Boundaries of Computer Graphics". He challenged the new generation of computer graphicists - those who will take great professional risks to solve big problems - to dream impossible dreams and extend the influence of computer graphics to many other disciplines.

Special Sessions
Companies such as Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Rhythm & Hues, Imagi Animation Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic sent their leading employees to speak about production-related topics.
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Art Gallery
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Art Gallery presented art that transforms, melds, and transcends current Asian paradigms. This international, multicultural festival of creativity showcased work in all media.
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Computer Animation Festival
The first edition of the SIGGRAPH Asia Computer Animation Festival illuminated a new horizon of animation and visual effects as it presented a world-class festival of outstanding international work. One of the award winners, "This Way Up", Nexus Production Ltd, was also nominated for an Academy Award in the Short Film (Animated) category.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation films, talks, and panels

International experts presented instructional sessions on every aspect of computer graphics and interactive techniques: animation, computer-human interaction, entertainment, gaming, scientific visualization, recent breakthroughs, cool programming adventures, and more. In total, 20 full-day, half-day and tutorial courses were presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.
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Educators Program
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Educators Program was an international gathering of industry professionals and academics, who shared educational strategies adopted in both industry and academia to make the learning process more satisfying, productive, and meaningful.
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Emerging Technologies
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Emerging Technologies presented a paradigm shift, a rich resource of delicate, aesthetic technologies and vivid, innovative ideas. Interactive, mind-expanding explorations in virtual and mixed reality, haptic interfaces, ubiquitous systems, digital tools, HD displays, robotics, and more were available for attendees in Emerging Technologies.
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The exhibition was a diverse, energetic showcase of everything Asia and beyond has to offer in computer graphics and interactive techniques. From hardware to software developers and both international and local production studios, the expo floor was bustling with an array of activities and enthusiastic visitors.

Country pavilions from Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand featuring the established and emerging companies that are shaping the future of digital media were also a main highlight of the Exhibition.

Exhibitors like Autodesk, Lucasfilm, MDEc, etc. offered daily presentations and demos at their booths, drawing captivated audiences. Two out of three attendees found collaboration opportunities with exhibiting companies in the Exhibition.
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Exhibitor Tech Talks
Several exhibitors presented Exhibitor Tech Talks to provide product updates and detailed, hands-on presentations that introduced attendees to the latest developments in product innovation. At SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, 61% of attendees had buying influence of one or more of the products displayed in the Exhibition, and 25% were final decision makers in product purchasing.
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Sketches & Posters
Sketches are a dynamic forum for thought-provoking, speculative ideas, novel applications, what-if concepts, and behind-the-scenes production details. Posters display graphic depictions of incremental or half-baked but innovative ideas displayed throughout the week with scheduled sessions for informal discussions. SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Sketches & Posters included presenters from Double Negative ("Hellboy 2: The Golden Army") and Lucasfilm Animation Singapore ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Iron Man").
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Technical Papers
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers program confirmed its standing as a premier international forum for disseminating provocative and important new work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Sixty papers, which were also published in ACM Transactions on Graphics (Conference Proceedings Special Issue), the world's leading computer graphics journal, were presented in 13 sessions at the conference.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Technical Papers