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Technical Sketches
Room 308A

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Shading-Interval Constraints for Normal Map Editing
A new paint-based approach to editing a normal map according to the intended shading. It is formulated as a quadratic optmization with interval constraints on shading.
Single-Shot Photometric Stereo by Spectral Multiplexing
Generalizing three-color photometric stereo to multiple color channels, yielding both a normal map and a full-color reflectance map in a single shot, using off-the-shelf parts only.
Minimal Image Sets for Robust Spherical Gradient Photometric Stereo
A new method for reducing data-capture requirements for accurate face-shape recovery.
Free-Form Polarized Spherical Illumination Reflectometry
A lightweight in-situ acquisition system for per-pixel reflectance parameters, such as diffuse and specular albedo, specular roughness, and surface orientation.
17 December
11:00 AM - 12:45 PM