Technical Sketches

Interactive Rendering

Saturday, 18 December | 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM | Room 315

Presented in English / 영어로 발표 됨

Session Chair

Yoshinori Dobashi

Real-Time Stereo Visual Hull Rendering using a Multi-GPU-accelerated Pipeline

A novel real-time, image-based visual hull-rendering pipeline that adopts a single PC with multiple GPUs and renders stereo images of the object at 30~40 fps.

Jie Feng
Peking University

Interactive Voxelized Epipolar Shadow Volumes

A new visibility sampling in epipolar space that can be efficiently computed via a standard parallel scan. This allows shadow rendering in participating media at up to 300 fps.

Chris Wyman
University of Iowa

Parallel Progressive Photon Mapping on GPUs

A GPU implementation of progressive photon mapping. The main idea is a new data-parallel progressive radiance estimation algorithm, including data-parallel construction of photon maps.

Toshiya Hachisuka
University of California, San Diego

Henrik Jensen
University of California, San Diego

Ordered Depth-First Layouts for Ray Tracing

In this ordered depth-first tree layout, a child that has a larger surface area is stored next to its parent, so parent-child localities can be maximized.

Jae-Ho Nah
Yonsei University

Jeong-Soo Park
Yonsei University

Jin-Woo Kim
Yonsei University

Chanmin Park
Samsung Electronics

Tack-Don Han
Yonsei University